Cocoa farmers in Sefwi scramble for Magic Fertilizer

Cocoa Farmers in the Juaboso District and its surrounding communities in the Western North Region, are not only yearning for a magic fertilizer that has come their way but also seriously scrambling for it, following its introduction to them.

Concept Green Agro Fertilizer, a follo fertilizer, that is capable of resurrecting distressed and dying cocoa trees has been introduced to the farmers a couple of months ago. And seeing its efficacy of the fertilizer cocoa farmers – these are now seriously scrambling for the fertilizer, following glowing testimonies given about the staff by farmers who have applied some to their distressed, dying cocoa tress.


It all started, when in February these year, a journalist,S O Ankamah published about the massive death of cocoa tress in the sefwi areas. Following these publications, a concerned Ghanaian Nana Gabby Nketiah, having been touched by sad news, came out the fertilizer in question for use by cocoa farmers.

For starters, Mr Kessie, an agent of the fertilizer at Sefwi Wiaso gave a sample to Mr Samuel Ankamah, a cocoa farmer at Appiah krom near Wiaso, whose cocoa tress had gone distressed and were at the verge of dying after having applied just a little to those distressed cocoa tress, they got resurrected. Information on this was spread like bushfire and farmers in the area started woking for the magic fertilizer. Also Madam Dora Adjei of Sefwi Punikrom, who had also applied some to her vegetable form also testified to the fertilizers efficacy, spread the news, thereby attracting the attention of other farmers, who also started yearning for the fertilizer.

In July these year, Mr Ankamah, the journalist who wrote about the dying cocoa tress, also introduced the fertilizer to farmers of juaboso, Akontombra, Bodi Yawkrom and other towns, and upon application, farmers have grown so interested in the fertilizer that they started yearning and scrambling for it.

Magic Wand

Concept Green Agro Fertilizer, is a follo fertilizer that works effectively on leaves of plants. Subsequently, it is recommended for cash crops such as cocoa, coffee, mangoes, oranges etc, and food crops as well. It is also capable of giving life back to distressed and dying crops, while giving them strength to reproduce more.

The fertilizer proves more efficacious when applied on cocoa tress, as it is capable of taking care of all pests and diseases that fight against the crops. It is also capable of taking off those green substances that come around cocoa tress this making it look fresh and free from those moist and giving health to cocoa pods produced.

Being organic, is also able to re-vegetate micro-organisms in the soil, thus enriching the soil further.

The magic fertilizer are obtainable from the following numbers, 0244144493 0244798348 or 0277379582. According to Nana Gabby Nketiah who is a cocoa farmer himself, he is worried at the woeful plight of coca farmers as a result of the massive death of their cocoa trees thus subjecting them to abject poverty He is by this, write-up appealing to all cocoa farmers with distressed cocoa trees to lay hands on this magic fertilizer, so as to revamp their dying cocoa form to improve cocoa production in the country. By this, Ghana can once more take up her position as the leading producer of Cocoa in the world Nana Nketiah maintains.

Source: S.O. Ankamah



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