COLONEL CHARLES AYIKU: Are your soldiers jittery over their PROVIDENT FUND at NIB, Mr President? – Owula Mangortey asks

I am a Citizen.

I rise to ask my respected Retired and Tired President Billy Akufo-Addo whether your soldiers are jittery over their PROVIDENT FUND (PF) lodged at the National Investment Bank (NIB).

Your soldiers are murmuring that they are in danger of losing their PF should your government collapse NIB.

Your Excellency, your soldiers are nicely bracing themselves up to adapt to the wind of change drawing near them.

Your soldiers whisper that they are following with keen interest the information in the pubic space that your Minister of Finance says he has no money to re-capitalise NIB.

They are flummoxed to learn that your government gave NIB a loan of 500 million cedis to enable depositors take their money so that NIB can collapse.

Your soldiers are looking up to Colonel Charles Ayiku to hold durbars to explain the state of the soldiers PF deducted at source by the Forces Pay Office and deposited at NIB.

Your soldiers whisper that Colonel Charles Ayiku is the Director of Resettlement who has administrative responsibility for collation and submission of returns on GAF Provident Fund contributors.

Your soldiers murmur that they are aware of how the collapse of FIRST BANC has affected the Provident Fund of some public sector organizations, where the Receiver says they can pay the principal amount and not the interest on the PF.

Your soldiers are wondering what happened to the funds of GAF Retirees which were lodged with the collapsed Gold Coast Securities.

Your soldiers murmur that they do not think they must down play the importance of the NIB information put out for their consumption.

According to them, they are all active stakeholders in NIB (courtesy the Provident Fund) and considering recent happenings in the banking and finance sector in this country, they think they must express keen interest in anything related to NIB.

Your soldiers murmur that there is a malicious intention with its attendant machinations going on behind the curtains in your government by unscrupulous persons who are deeply rooted in, and severely infected with, sheer greed to mess up their PF.

Your Excellency, your soldiers won’t take kindly to their Provident Fund being messed up with a collapse of NIB by your Minister of Finance.

Will Colonel Charles Ayiku start organising durbars to explain the PF matters to your soldiers?

Asem reba oooo. Asem beba.

I Shall Retunr (sic).

Owula Mangortey
NDC Branch Secretary
Full Gospel Church Branch
Shai-Osudoku Constituency

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