COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF: Our Soldiers’ rapid deployment into the GBELE FOREST RESERVE deserves commendation from you and the Citizens of Ghana – An Owula Mangortey observation

I am a Citizen.

I am a Whistleblower with a known face and address.

I write periodically about the Military.

Honestly, to write about the Military is like going to the Dentist!

I rise to draw the attention of the Commander-in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces that our soldiers deserve commendation from you personally and from the Citizens of Ghana for their collective efforts to contain a threat to Ghana’s National Security in the GBELE FOREST RESERVE IN THE UPPER WEST REGION.

Whilst researching for an article on alleged arms flows in the Banda, Bole- Bamboi Constituencies, and some parts of the Upper West Region general operation areas, I got alerted to some troop movements into the GBELE FOREST RESERVES in the Upper West Region.

I did on the ground follow-up checks.

As a Citizen, I owe it a duty to tell the C-i-C and the Citizens of Ghana to commend the professionalism of the Ghana Armed Forces in quickly deploying troops to contain the spill over of neigbouring country’s volatile cocktails of political, military, terrorists/bandits activities into the Gbele Forest Reserve in the Upper West Region.

For the information of the Commander-in-Chief, the Ministers responsible for National Security, Interior, Defence, and Security Chiefs, especially the Military High Command, may I respectfully state that Ghana faces real threats from TERRORISTS.

For the sake of Ghana’s National Security, I will withhold my findings and observations.

However, I cringe when I observe that Ghanaians are like sitting ducks for Terrorists/ Bandits at Saturday funerals, at the Malls, and Hotels, and curiously at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), and even in the Architecture of the Office of the President.

I cringe!!

Thankfully, inspite of some of their noted foibles, the Ghana Armed Forces have demonstrated their capabilities for rapid response to contain cross border and internal threats.

I have observed and noted what appear to be forward thinking measures of the Military High Command to construct two battalions at Wa and Bawku, the establishment of Quick Reaction Forces (QRFs) and their strategic locations for effective rapid response, Sit and Look Ops, and unannounced troops movements in many parts of the country.

May be what the Military High Command has to endeavour to handle is the spate of leaks, half truths, and of late blatant lies and fake news from the Military barracks.

Terrorists/Bandits/Miscreants read what Soldiers suo moto leak out of the barracks.

Soldiers must stop the leaks, and the Civilians will be starved of the appetite to consume Military secrets.

In my respectful view, what the Military High Command and the whole National Security Apparatus are lacking are properly thought-through methods for consultation and outreach to all stakeholders whose actions and inactions have impacts on the whole security spectrum.

I am seriously concerned with two key security issues as our country prepares for the upcoming December elections. These are:

(1). The threat of terrorists to our National Security.

(2). The recruitment, arming and deployment of political vigilantes for the upcoming December 7 Elections.

The Citizens are counting on the professionalism, integrity, loyalty, and patriotism of the Military High Command, Officers and Other Ranks of the Ghana Armed Forces to have the spine to stand tall, bold and strong to defend the country from the threats.

Our Soldiers need to religiously read Article 210 (3) of the Constitution of Ghana which states, inter alia, that the “Ghana Armed Forces shall be equipped and maintained to perform their role of defence of Ghana…”

Accordingly, Our Ghana Armed Forces should be reminded that a SOLDIER does not take an oath to a King, or a Dictator, or a Despot, or a Tribe or a Clique.


So long as the Military High Command, Officers and Men of the Ghana Armed Forces demonstrate professinoalism, integrity, truthfulness to their OATH, they will have the support of the Citizens of Ghana.

I am certain that the Military High Command is aware that in the Upper East Region, terrorists/bandit activities are as close as 10 to 20 km away from Ghana’s border.

And in the Upper West Region, killing of Ivorian soldiers took place about 50 km from Ghana’s border.

On pain of sounding repetitive, I wish to emphasize that In view of the proactive action of Ghanaian soldiers to contain a spill over of security dangers from neighbouring countries into the Gbele Forest Reserve, I respectfully with to draw the attention of the Commander-in-Chief and a the Citizens of Ghana to the good work done by Ghana’s professional soldiers.

The rapid deployment of Ghanaian Troops into the GBELE FOREST RESERVE is commendable.

Owula Mangortey
14th November, 2020

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