Confirmed: Goosie Tanoh to officially join NDC Flagbearerhip race this week

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The race for who leads the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) into battle with the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) come 2020 is about to get more interesting as Mr Augustus Obuadum Tanoh (Goosie Tanoh), a true cadre and grassroots’ man is all set to make known his intentions public.

Barring any last minute changes, Goosie Tanoh, will in the coming days make a formal public announcement – one that is expected to excite the grassroots members of the NDC and attract the full support of true cadres of the party who have allegedly been urging him on as the best man to lead the NDC to victory.

For now, he is focused on contributing his quota to the reorganization move of the NDC to ensure that the party is well positioned for political power in the shortest possible time. Through a newly established platform called “Organising for Ghana (OfG) Goosie says he is committed to rebuilding the party by giving it a choice and hope.

The OfG Platform is for NDC progressive activists who want fundamental change in the party to achieve wider fundamental change in Ghana; to rebuild a positive political culture of voluntarism, activism, participation, and accountability in the NDC and reset its relationship with the Ghanaian public to one of trust.

Delivering the keynote address at the first National Delegates Conference of the OfG on Saturday, Goosie says the NDC needs a new breed of disciplined leadership unswervingly committed to serve Ghana and Ghanaians, in particular, the youth, women, working and middle classes, farmers whose living standards and security of livelihood are in perpetual free fall, among others.

“If we are to wake up to this call of duty then we ourselves, indeed, the entirety of our membership must imbibe and cultivate, at this time and in this moment, the virtues of honesty, sacrifice, volunteerism and determination to build a mass based political organization that has the vision and equipment to lead Ghana out of the mire that threatens to engulf us towards a future in which Ghana’s vast economic potential and the wellbeing of its long suffering citizens are fully realized,” he stated.

He added: “In the next few days, weeks and months ahead we will, through scientific analysis and practical systematic organization, concentrate our efforts in joining others who share our views to rebuild NDC to become once again the powerful political force it once was. We do so in the belief that the NDC can and will be a vehicle for the kind of change and transformation that many of us who were at its birth, have yearned for all these years.”

Goosie told in an exclusive interview that he has heard the calls of the grassroots of the NDC and after series of consultations with those who matter in the reorganization drive of the party he has settled on contesting to lead the NDC to victory.

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