Conservative Party Rep to NPP Congress condemns Akufo-Addo and NPP over expensive Bill Boards and Posters

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While conventional wisdom suggests that the current economic crisis in Ghana would naturally make President Akufo-Addo and his NPP abandon the culture of wastefulness, their actions and activities at their ongoing conference shows that much is not being done in this regard.

The situation which sharply contradicts claims of a committed resolve to plug leakages comes surprising when the country is in precarious financial position, when citizens are drying because of lack of drugs and hospital beds, when qualified nurses are picketing for jobs, when drivers are crying over high fuel prices.

The Conservative Party’s representative to the ongoing NPP conference, John Mayor, has vehemently condemned the President and his party for wasting state resources on expensive billboards and posters. The Conservative Party’s rep told the President and delegates gathered at the conference that the posters at the conference place are more than the delegates gathered at the place.

“I came through the streets today and saw so many posters of the wonderful candidates here. But i had to reflect. I think i saw more posters than the delegates at this conference and i wondered ‘is this really the best use of our resources”? he stated.

He advised the President and his government to channel resources they spend on such irrelevant projects and activities on development of the communities.

The trend goes contrary to an earlier charge by President Akufo-Addo and his party to prioritise their expenditure on order to perform the primary function of government as end by enshrined in the constitution.

More to the growing concerns about the issue is the fact that the government that still entertain financial recklessness is owing salaries and pensions in arrears, cannot pay statutory funds to state agencies, cannot recruit new nurses and doctors and has abandoned important projects.

These are some of the reckless spendings recorded so far

-Acting Chairman (Blay) supported by the President, has bought 275 buses to be distributed to the 275 constituencies to influence delegates

-Chairman Blay has paid Ghc 3,500 to all the delegates as part of his vote buying agenda

-Some constituency and regional chairpersons have been promised V8 each if they ensure Blay’s victory

-Presidency released an amount of Ghc 400m to the Blay campaign and Ghc 250 million to the NPP.

For these and other reasons, many are alarmed that activities that beget financial recklessness in the NPP in opposition, are still part of the workings of the current administration when frugality was supposed to be the word.

It would be recalled that the conservative party’s leadership in 2016, commended President Mahama and his government for taking bold but unfriendly election policies which culminated in the country making significant economic progress. They also commended him for investing heavily in the oil and gas sectors which formed the basis why the world bank projected significant economic growth in 2017/2018.

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