Consolidating Our Loses; Our Country, Our Pain

Before I commence this piece, readers should help me wish my first love on this planet a happy birthday. She is known and called Juliet Okyere, a Business Administration student at the University of Ghana, Legon. I always regret losing this physically attractive persona of my life due to hardship economy. I wish her long life with healthy living.

6th day of March has always become a day of celebrating our independence since we were set free from our colonial government. I also wish everyone a happy Independence Day celebration. Long live mother Ghana with a peaceful atmosphere and a better economy. Long live everyone.

We woke up to the theme for our Independence Day celebration this year as, “Consolidating our Gains”. Do we have the integrity to talk of gains now at a time many of the Ghanaian people are suffering? Or perhaps the President ironically wants to celebrate himself and his cronies’ gluttonous gains after their state-capture of the national resources which are meant for the entire citizens? Ahh well! It may be so. It is saddening how our resources amassed for our gains, are being bequeathed to families and friends of the President and being used to the detriment of the needy and the vulnerable in our country Ghana today.

Ghana is known to have been blessed with abundant natural resources. We can mention gold, manganese, forest reserves, cocoa, oil, coal, bauxite and rivers. These resources should benefit all citizens. It is disheartening to hear this generation mocking our forefathers that they failed to protect our resources from the British colonies. We make mention of how the imperialists as Dr Kwame Nkrumah would describe, used our resources to develop their countries. Thankfully, the movement led by our founding father relieved the country from the slavery that was costing us the movement of our dear resources. The country was given to our elites and politicians to steer its affairs. What has happened to the remaining resource?

“Why your government so bad at Managing that wealth?” (Economist 2005). How our resources are managed by our ‘elites’ tells us we have been sporadically led by failed leaders. We are hungry as an entire nation as H.E NANA ADDO DANKWA AKUFO-ADDO said when he was in opposition; “yete sika so nanso ekom de yen” (we live on treasures, yet, are hungry) and further added; “our crises were created and sustained by the mismanagement, incompetence and corruption of the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government”. Today Ghana has been entrusted into his hand and the crises have even exacerbated.

Ghanaians have lost trust in most governments and Akufo-Addo-led administration is locus classicus (classical example) of untrusted government. In opposition, comments and statements made by him convinced most of the electorates that he was going to be the Messiah to rescue Ghanaians from the hardship under Mahama-led administration. There is a saying that “to whom much has be given, much is also expected”. Akufo-Addo won the election with 53.83% of the votes against Mahama’s 44.4% including the majority of the parliamentarians. We were expecting to see and feel at least 70% of his promises fulfilled but for a look of things, he has performed extremely ruthless compared to his predecessor.


Chapter fourteen (14) of NPP 2016 manifesto demonizes the peaceful atmosphere of Mahama-led Administration, propagating of increase level of crime and lawlessness. Today under Nana Addo–led administration, people who speak against wrongdoings and stealing of taxpayers’ money are being threatened and killed – the rampant killing of Police Officers, excessive kidnapping of young ones for rituals among other grave crimes. This contradicts page 147 of the 2016 NPP Manifesto which stated, “The NPP Government will secure peace and security for all Ghanaians. Under the NPP Government, Ghanaians will feel safe on the streets and in their homes. Ghanaian will go about their daily business in the secure knowledge that their persons, properties and lives are safe under NPP Government.” Do Ghanaians feel safe and secure in their homes, street and workplace today? Upon the massive recruitment of police officers, our country is still not safe for living at all. Even the security officers are not feeling safe in carrying out their duties, day in and day out.

Nana Addo’s promised on strict enforcement of our existing laws by the security agencies without fear and favour and further stated that it will sanitize our nation, assuage the fears of the citizenry and dramatically transform our society. On April 6, 2017, the New Patriotic Party vigilante group, Delta Force invaded Kumasi Circuit Court to free their colleagues who were facing charges for causing disturbances at the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council. That is when a judge, Mary Senkyire, had to run like an antelope chased by a tiger. Instead of the Nana Addo led government to prosecute these culprits whose action were even condemned by the United Nations, the A-G dropped charges against these NPP Delta Forces to walk freely. Some months later, some annoyed NPP youths also stormed a police station and freed suspects at Karaga who were under investigation. The painful one is the recommendation by the Emily Short Commission which the President has rejected and even promoted that violence in Ayawaso. All these and many more have happened under the NANA Addo led administration. The same government that promised to sanitize our nation without selectivity.


On page 133 of NPP 2016 Manifesto, under Current State of Public Accountability stated that; “Ghana, a well-endowed country, has been brought to its knees and has been reduced to borrowing and begging from foreign creditors and donors to finance even its most mundane development needs.” And further stated corruption is what has brought this shame upon us all.

Today this same government who thought borrowing from foreign creditors was a shame has set borrowing records within three years from Ghc 120 billion to Ghc 214 billion, a record 78% increase, as at September 2019 and have increased our public stock debt to Ghc 96 billion.

Corruption in this government is more than sea sand but it will surprise you that, on page 134 of NPP Manifesto; “The NPP will fight corruption head-on through preventive, detective, corrective and punitive action”. What are we seeing today? There is Ghc 9.6 billion lost to corruption since 2017, presidential staffers stabbed the President on his back over Galamsey fight and were caught squarely on video over Galamsey bribes. Sadly, they are walking freely without any punitive action. This has even motivated those working under Planting for Food and Jobs to steal over $12 million worth of fertilizers which are meant for farmers.

Now, cocoa farmers are poor due to the low prices offered.

500 seized excavators from illegal miners which were to be confiscated to the public account have been stolen by some party functionaries. The government has collapsed all small scale licensed mining firms and his party executives like NANA B the NPP youth organizer, John Boadu the NPP General Secretary, Chairman Wuntumi NPP Ashanti Regional Chairman, Prof Frimpong Boateng – the Minster himself and his family, Ekow Ewusi – NPP Central Regional Vice Chairman, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah – the Information Minister and many more, allegedly, are all into “Galamsey.”

During the inaugural speech of the President on January 7 2017, he asked us to be citizens, not spectators and as the bible said in Matthew chapter 7 verses 3, “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” ~ King James Version. It will be prudent and fair for anyone who promises to fight corruption to use his wayward people as a scapegoat but can you imagine some EOCO officials were suspended for calling on Akufo-Addo to prosecute his corrupt officials? Those were acting as “citizens.”

NPP Manifesto at page 134 second paragraph stated “corruption holds back economic growth, increase cost of doing business, reduces revenue to the state, leads to capital flight and inflates the cost of running a government. It results in a loss of legitimacy and respect for legally-constituted authority”. In the latest Corruption Perception Index (CPI) by Transparency International indicates that the Akufo-Addo government scored 41 out of 100 and Ghana under Akufo-Addo led administration has moved Ghana to the 2nd most corrupt country in Africa and 3rd world corrupt country. Under his watch, he has institutionalized corruption to widen the gap between the rich and the poor as BERNARD AVLE said, “We’ve institutionalized “who you know’ in this country to a point where there’s virtually no hope for the poor people” – painful moment of today! He has woefully failed in fighting corruption. So all measures stated in the NPP manifesto were just a formality to persuade the citizens and the electorates as an incorruptible leader.

Then from the manifesto quoted supra at paragraph 9, there is a clear indication that the numerous corruption of this government has radically declined our economic growth and the cost of running the government have been inflated. So it is vividly understandable why Ghana Cylinder Manufacturing Company increases allowances to 400%, Ghc3.9 million to buy condoms, Government busted in $12 million Oslo consulate deal, Ghc18,000.00 entertainment allowances for Sanitation Minister, $ 17,000.00 per hour private jet hired by the President to tour the world, etc. If corruption holds back economic growth and things are moving astray as we can feel and touch today, why is Dr Bawumia making the nuisance of a rise in economic growth during this era?

Instead of creating opportunities for the privatization of state enterprises, deregulation has opened a window for some government officials to loot state coffers to secretly buy some hitherto public enterprises. With privatization, these corrupt state officials have also had the option of operating bank accounts in private banks. It is not surprising to learn of the NHIS divert Ghc 17 million into a private investment company. Since Nana Addo assumed power in 2017, he and his cronies have successfully collapsed seven (7) universal banks, 483 Microfinance companies and 58 Radio Stations. Now his government desires to collapse garage and car dealerships. My Ewe friends will say tso! How?

I can conclude that we have consolidated numerous loses under the stewardship of NANA ADDO DANKWA-AKUFO ADDO and we have lost trust in his stead since he has presided over tyranny, state-capture, insecurity and corruption. Insecurity everywhere, daily upgrading of corruption to the detriment of the poor, security officers are in grief, the poor are suffering, pupils and students are suffering, market women are suffering, farmers are in distress, public servants are in misery, drivers are crying, producers are in woe, consumers are in pain, CEOs of private enterprises are facing fraudulent executions, contractors are now penniless, everyone is suffering including NPP foot soldiers and branch party executives with the exceptions of those around the table of families and friends-nepotism regime.

On 5th March 2020 on Ghanaweb, as quoted, “Government imports stone from Jerusalem to sanctify National Cathedral foundation” Who convinced the President that Ghana is a Christian or even a religious country? With these overwhelming corruptions and greed accomplished to the detriment of the needy and vulnerable, the President has the gut to build national cathedral whilst many pupils and students learn under trees and dilapidated classrooms; many citizens drink untreated water; awarding scholarships meant for needy but brilliant students to sons and daughters of rich politician and rich politicians themselves; the needy crawling to survive in this deteriorating economy, etc.

An election without rigging coming December 7, 2020, must end this oppressor government. I am a citizen, not a spectator, the public purse must be protected and the needy must have their fair share in the national cake.



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