Contaminated fuel on the market, Vehicles to be seriously affected

…Car Owners to suffer

There is a possible mass breakdown of vehicles in the country soon with its attendant challenges to individuals and organizations following the alleged release of contaminated fuel onto the Ghanaian market. This is the view of the minority group in parliament on Tuesday when they blew the cover of the Managing Director of the state owned Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation Company (BOST).

Mr. Alfred Obeng Boateng, has been accused engaging in a number of serious corrupt deals less than six month into office as the newly appointed boss of BOST. Among others he has been accused of releasing contaminated fuel onto the Ghanaian market against laid down legislation. He has also been accused of selling 5 million liters of the said products to a company which is traceable to his doorsteps; due process was also not followed in handling the deal.

The Minority NDC group in Parliament believes President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo who only recently hit six months in office is already superintending over the biggest corruption scandal in the history of (BOST). They are of the view that “corruption is in the DNA of the NPP” and that Ghanaian should get ready for the worse.

The Minority says it has privy to information indicating that the contaminated fuel originally meant for industrial usage by the steel, garment, petrol chemical companies to run their machinery have ended up in the open market against the National Petroleum Authority (NPA)’s directive. The resultant effect will mean damage to vehicle engines and its accompanying side effects to the innocent Ghanaian consumer.

In their conference on Tuesday, the immediate past Minister of Energy in the John Mahama administration, Emmanuel Armah-Kofi Buah, said their information has revealed that Mr Alfred Obeng Boateng might have been compromised in a shady deal involving the sale of some 5 Million liters of adulterated fuel to a private company known as Movenpiina which is closely connected to him.

According to him, the Minority’s investigations reveals that the MD connived with some officials of the institution to sell the purported contaminated fuel to one of their cronies at a ridiculous price of 1 Cedi per liter instead of the market value of over 3 Cedis 80 Pesewas.

The Minority group is therefore demanding the immediate interdiction of the MD of BOST, Alfred Obeng Boateng, as full scale investigation is commenced by the regulatory authorities. They also want the immediate withdrawal of the contaminated product from the market to protect consumers as well as an assurance that this will not recur.

It has also demanded that the offending officials at BOST be surcharged with the cost of the financial loss estimated at GHS 14.25 million in line with the recent Supreme Court decision.

The Minority raised questions about the circumstances that led to so-called contamination of the fuel and the measures taken to remedy the situation.

“The question to ask is what led to the contamination of these products in the first instance. Why the particular tank in question was not properly discharged and cleaned before the intake of the fresh fuel which led to the contamination? Was it due to negligence, lack of supervision or a deliberate plot by some self-seeking individuals to enrich themselves at the expense of the state and the Ghanaian tax payer,” they stated.

According to the group, the practice is that when such contamination occurs, corrective treatment of these products are undertaken by the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR) through blending. They are therefore at a lost as to why BOST did not arrange with TOR for the treatment of this particular fuel.

“The Minority will want to place on record that our further checks have revealed that, BOST has never sold any contaminated products before. They always blend the products to correct it to meet industry specifications as outlined by NPA and Ghana Standard Authority. What BOST has sold in the past is slop and not contaminated products,” the group stated.

The NDC Minority group have also cited some discrepancy in the legality of the said transaction to dispose of the fuel and the capacity of the company involved to operate in that market.

“Further information available to us indicates that Movenpiina Co. Lt. put in a proposal to purchase the fuel on the 19th of May 2017. Interestingly, checks from the Registrar Generals Department suggest the company was incorporated to trade and transport fuel on the 29th of May 2017. This clearly suggest collusion on the part of the actors. Information available before us indicates the Managing Director took a decision to grant to Movenpiina Co. an Open-Credit sales arrangement against all the advice from his own staff. This means that the company bought the products without paying for it and in turn sold the products to a third-party Company Zupoil at 30% higher. This smacks of high level corruption.”

Source: Clement Akoloh and Jeorge Wilson Kingson ||


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