Coronavirus: Ghanaian Students in China call for immediate evacuation from Wuhan

The National Union of Ghana Students in China (NUGS – China), has called for the immediate evacuation of Ghanaian students from the “epicenter of the novel coronavirus”, Wuhan and its environs.

According to the union, the conditions in China are worsening, and the negligence of the Ghanaian government has made them stranded.

“The actions and inactions of the Ghanaian government coupled with the worsening conditions here have left us stranded and thus, we feel abandoned”.

The union noted that, the Ghanaian embassy in Beijing-China has been slow to remedy the situation as the epidemic keeps getting worse.

Thy added that, the Epidemic Prevention and control Committee of the City Health Commission has declared Wuhan a code RED situation indicating the troubling gravitas of the issue in the province.

In a press statement released on Wednesday and made available to, NUGS-China mentioned that “the death toll of the virus continues to climb; a reported 1,114 people have died with most of the deaths occurring in Wuhan in particular”

They moreover pointed out that, most universities in Wuhan have been locked down with students disallowed from stepping outside their dormitories. Some students unluckily have no assess to basic necessities such as food and drinking water.

The students union said efforts by the Ghanaian embassy to supply medical equipments and basic amenities to students has been fruitless hence “as a matter of urgency, request that the government of Ghana airlifts [them] from the this precarious situation to a place of safety”

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