CORONAVIRUS TRIAL VACCINE: Barima Sidney Joins Forces against Mira’s ‘Racial Suggestion’

Perhaps, the entire Africa is set for a resistance against the trial of Coronavirus vaccine on its Citizens.

Following comments by Paris Intensive Care Doctor, Jean – Paul Mira that suggested the testing of a ‘repurposed’ tuberculosis vaccine be done in Africa and on Africans with aim of tackling COVID 19, many has condemned it.

His comments has since received social media backlash with most Africans labeling it as racial suggestion.

Also to have waded into the debate is controversial music legend, Kofi Oppong Ofori with stage name Barima Sidney.
The celebrated musician who has been chosen as brand ambassador for the campaign for Africa to resist Jean – Paul Mira’s suggestion says it’s time “the nonsense is resisted” he said.

The “Africa Money” hit maker revealed that the worldwide campaign is in full resistance against the vaccine to be tested in Africa and on Africans.

The celebrated musician revealed that, the statement by Jean – Paul Mira is racial and it is therefore important for all Africans to rise against the suggestion.

The musician who is also a representative of Mutashi Movement on the campaign told that, “the campaign has already commenced and soon you shall see more celebrities coming on board” he told Kofi Adzivor.

The campaign is powered by a Ghanaian based Media Organization “Think Media Expert” with a road show identity “COVID – 19 CURE…..AFRICA MUST LOOK WITHIN”
The road show identity tells that, Africans have solutions to most of their challenges and that, beyond the cure for Covid – 19, Africa must begin to look within by finding solutions to it’s problems rather than relying on the West for solutions.

Amongst prominent Africans calling the bluff of the French Doctor’s suggestion include retired Ivory Coast and Chelsea football star, Didier Drogba. Drogba maintained that, “Africa is not a testing Lab” and went ahead to call for total resistance against the move.

Even though Jean – Paul Mira has apologized for suggesting the vaccine trial be carried out in Africa as reported by Deutsche Wele TV, there seems to be more pressure on him than before.

Paris Clinic Network on Friday quoted Mira as saying “I want to present all my apologies to those who were hurt, shocked and felt insulted by the remarks clumsily expressed”. However to many in Africa, Mira’s apology is not enough and that the campaign shall be rolled out in full force across the world.

Barima Sidney therefore has asked all to join hands for the campaign to be seen as a signal that “Africans have had enough of racial comments” he finally said.

Africa has had it’s fair share of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic with 52 countries battling the pandemic. The continent has recorded in excess of 10,700 cases with over 500 deaths. However over 1000 patients have recovered.

According to the latest data by the John Hopkins University and Africa Center for Disease Control on Covid-19 in Africa, the breakdown remains fluid as countries confirm cases as and when a test is conducted.

Source: Kofi Adzivor II

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