COVID-19 In Ghana: Closing down Churches was a bad idea – Bra Paul

Gospel musician, Bra Paul has condemned the idea of President Akufo-Addo to close down churches in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic.

On Sunday, March 15, 2020, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, while addressing the nation with regards to the deadly coronavirus which has taken the world on a standstill, he mentioned that social distancing and self-isolation are one of the major solutions to curb the virus. He urged all churches, mosques, and schools to close down with immediate effect until further notice.

As some would agree with the president’s initiative, majority of Christians especially founders and leaders of some churches in Ghana think the president was harsh with his decision and Bra Paul says he supports the argument of the church leaders.

The ‘Bibiaa Beye Fine’ crooner, in an interview explained that closing down churches and mosques in the name of preventing public gatherings while pubs, drinking spots, commercial transports (trotro and intercity buses) and major markets still in operation does not make sense to him.

“I admire the president a lot but he got it wrong this time around. Closing down churches in these dangerous times is the last call the president should make. Why take God out of the equation while fighting a deadly virus like this?

“I know the idea was to help prevent the further spread of the virus but, we still have busy and crowded places like the betting companies, pubs and drinking spots, market places like Agbogbloshie, Makola, Kanashie, Mallam markets, among others. These should be the prime target of the president as I believe most of the above mentioned places have larger crowds than some of these churches” .

“Take the markets and commercial transports for instance where customers always exchange monies with bus conductors or traders and it is said that, such acts are contributing factors to the spread of the virus. Chances are always high for people onboard a commercial bus to get this virus due to their crowded nature and I believe the president before closing down churches was aware of all these?” he asked.

The artiste further explained though it is possible for Christians to stay in their various homes and pray, these prayers turn to be more effective when they converge in their numbers to pray.

“When you read the books of Acts 2:4, it tells you how important it is for believers to gather and pray. God believes in numbers and I know if His excellency whose mantra has always been ‘ the battle is the lord’s’ will reconsider his decision, it will go a long way to help combat this virus together. Instead of a total shutdown, Churches should be allowed to fellowship and pray on behalf of the nation with rules of a 2-3 meters sitting distance between the member, no handshakes and hugging, compulsory usage of hand sanitizers provided by the church.

Bra Paul again encouraged his fans to frequently wash their hands with soap under running water, use hand sanitizers as quickly as possible, avoid shaking of hands and practice personal hygiene.

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