Covid-19: Prof Lungu dedicates Song and Video to frontline Workers

April 12, 2020 – Prof Lungu, this weekend, in association with Baamu Records, released new song and video titled, “Coronavirus Pandemic”. It is a call for maximum numbers of PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) for healthcare professionals in America, and all over the world.

Here is the YouTube Link to the Song and Video

Coronavirus Pandemic by Prof Lungu

The “Coronavirus Pandemic” song and video is dedicated to Frontline Defenders.

They are your nurses.

They are your doctors.

They are your medical specialists, like respiratory therapists.

They are your medical technologists.

They are your cardiologists

They are also all your other healthcare support personnel, including the sanitation crew and the professionals in the kitchens.

They are, in short, all the people who make the care of patients in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, Prisons and Jails, Veterans’ Homes, etc., possible and safe.

They are people who, despite the unpardonable shortage of P P Es all over America, continue to brave unparalleled dangers of coronavirus (COVID-19) to themselves, and still, are providing the best professional care they can to their fellow human beings stricken by that deadly disease.

Dem Singing*…

Frontline defenders

Frontline defenders

Begging for P P Es

Begging for P P Es

Frontline Defenders

It was never a coronation

It was never a coronation

America the free was not prepared

America the free was not prepared

50 plus 4 Governors Free Wheeling

Buying P P Es

Buying P P Es

One thousand four hundred sixty days




Listen to the doctors and nurses

Wear a mask even if you have to make one using 2 sheets of cotton fabric and a a coffee filter for your mask filter.

Stay home the maximum extent and avoid the crowds and people without masks in public space.

NOTE: *In one day this month, between 11 April, when producers started developing the video you are now watching, and 12 April, the time the final video was posted to YouTube, there were approximately 7,839 new coronavirus cases and 1,531 additional deaths in the United States, and still counting.

It is Real!

This is no seasonal flu

Support healthcare professionals wherever you are.

Listen to them and do what they recommend.

Stay tuned for more. And while you are at it, check out the 2019 album released by Prof Lungu and Baamu Records, Accra to Bolgatanga Fa Kumasi on VIP Coach – Prof Lungu

Brought to you by Prof Lungu and Associates and Baamu Records. 

(Coronavirus Pandemic – Music and Lyrics by Prof Lungu, ©2020).

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