Culture of Silence is a Danger to Ghana’s Democracy – Azubila

Let me first of all greet my boss Dr. Nii Aryea Boi and other concern citizens.

We must as citizens learn to resist oppresses rule and that makes as true Ghanaians.

I am tempted to believe the notion that northerners really don’t value their own.
A complete silence after Ahmed Suale’s murder made me to believe how insensitive we are as Northerners when it comes to issues concerning our own. Are we waiting for Ashanti Region, Brong Ahafo, Central, Western, Eastern, VOLTA or Greater Accra to organize demonstration in solidarity of our brother Ahmed Suale’s murder? Ahmed Suale is a great son from our Northern soil an asset and proud son of our land. Youth from the three Northern Regions must show the whole world how Ahmed Suale value to us.

I was anticipating that all Damgomba youth wings regardless their political differences from the Northern Region and all Dagombas in the Southern sector and all youth, from the three Northern Regions would have organize a serious demonstration against this government for the murder of this great son of our land and other recent killings.

Ahmed Suale was fighting corruption, fighting for the youth future, fighting for the vulnerable so if in the course of his duties and they murder him, Ghanaians should not be quite over this absolutely no.

I think we are not being fair to the late Ahmed Suale as Ghanaians and this country is not worth dying for.

Ahmed Suale was not fighting corruption for his personal gains or for himself he was risking his life for the future of you and I as youth and therefore deserve better from us all especially youth from the North. If really there are people we should celebrate in Ghana it should not politicians but people like Ahmed Suale.

This country is bleeding, a lot of Ghanaians have serious secrets about the corruption of Nana Addo Government but fear of their lives because they fear they wouldn’t get the support of the citizens. A lot of people have brutal facts concerning the corrupt deals of this Government but who will protect them after coming out with it?

Where is Ahmed Suale of Anas Tiger eye team, Where is the late Kaba? All these souls perished in this regime

That guy Ahmed Suale was having a lot of secrets to reveal unfortunately Nana Addo and his NPP got to realized it earlier and force him to join his ancestors untimely.

I am surprised Dagambas in Tamale, Bimbila and all over Ghana have still not demonstrate against Government over the murder of Ahmed Suale the great son of our land, as citizens let’s celebrate those who fight corruption.

Ahmed Suale is someone every northerner should be proud of.

You don’t keep quiet over the murder of this noble guy of our land.

Damgombas in Ghana across the Regions must rise-up to demostrate in solidarity of our beloved brother if not the whole world would be disappointed in us all.

Anas and his team worked under Former president J A Kufuor no one attacked them, Anas and his team worked under Late Former president J E A Mills no one attacked them, Anas and his team worked under Former president J D Mahama with same freedom, Anas and his team worked across the African continent and the world as a whole no one doubted their credibility.

Why Anas first exposes in Nana Addo government and because Nana Addo name was mentioned that he and his best friend Kwesi Nyamekye are involved in corrupt practice and hell broke loose in Ghana?

Attacks on Anas everywhere from Some NPP MPs, countering with “who watches the watch Man nonsense video by Ken Agyapong” to court, to Attorney General , even Nana Addo presidential staffers at the president office came out to attack Anas and finally Ahmed Suale who was the lead member in this investigations suffered very painful death broad daylight.

This great son of the North Ahmed Suale was murdered in cold blood, shot 3 x on his chest killed him in his car.

Insecurity at home and on the street and everywhere in Ghana coupled with corruption and severe economic hardship, in fact this is new dimension in this country nowhere is safe anymore.
Journalism is not crime… why why why… ???

Nana Addo promised Ghanaians heaven why delivering hell?
Nana Addo promised to eradicate corruption why killing those fighting corruption in the system?

Governments always request for evidence to fight corruption.. the Anas principles are embraced worldwide and Nana Addo whiles in opposition promised to adopt Anas principles so if Nana can not why killing them 2 years in government?

Killing journalist is to put fear and intimidation into them and entire Ghanaians, intimidation against key persons in opposition party to force them tone down over serious happenings in the country, absolute culture of silence in Ghana where is the rule of law?

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