Cuts-Accra, CPA launch petition to mark Consumer Protection Rights Day 

Cuts-Accra in collaboration with the Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) has marked this year’s World Consumer Rights Day with the aim of enforcing the passage of the consumer law.

Amidst the celebration was the launch of an ePetition that needs 20,000 signatories for presentation to the government.

At a press brief, the Chief Executive of CPA, Kofi Kapito, said for over ten years, various governments have failed to draft the Consumer Protection Law.

“There has been various attempts by governments through the Ministry of Trade and Industry to get to cabinet the drafted Consumer Protection law,” he bemoaned.

He again bewailed that, his advocacy programmes in the media to enforce the passage of the bill has proved futile.

“Today, as the country marks World Consumer Protection day, consumers has nothing to celebrate for,” he lamented.

The Chief Executive further complained about the lackadaisical attitude of government to get the bill passed for enforcement.

“The discouraging and disheartening pace at which government is handling the process and seemingly lack of interest have stalled the process,” he claimed.

He, however claimed, the absence of the law makes it difficult to advocate and protect consumers.

Mr, Kapito hinted that, because the country lacks the enabling laws, the nation has become a junkyard for inferior goods.

Though, there are limited provisions in some legislations like PURC Act 538, NCA Act 524, and the FDA Act to protect consumers, those provisions are, however, scattered in over forty statutes and difficult to find.

He made reference to chapter two, section XII, page 31 of the NPP manifesto, which states that, the present government would order the passage of the law when it comes to power.

With deep regrets, he claimed that with more than 15 months in power, the current administration has failed to move the document to parliament.

So, in the operation ePetition, on the website, CHANGE.ORG, the CSO is urging about 20,000 Ghanaians to be signatory to the petition for presentation.

“if Ghanaians sign on to this ePetition, the government would realize how serious and urgently we need this law and would enforce the passage,” he stated.

Source: Nii Aflah Sackey


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