Danger in OkaiKoi Central NDC as Suspended Constituency Executives set to battle Interim Management

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The Okaikoi Central Constituency branch of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is currently unstable following the suspension of the entire constituency executive body. A letter dated June 13, 2019 and signed by the Regional chairman of the party, Joseph Ade Coker, announced the suspension of the 28 member constituency executive body with immediate effect.

It also announced the formation of an interim executive body to oversee the activities of the constituency.

However, some branch officers who believe in the competence and capabilities of the suspended executives would not take this lying low. They have dared both the Regional and National leadership of the party to revoke the suspension immediately in the interest of peace and unity in the constituency. They say they are satisfied with the work of the elected constituency executives who have displayed commitment to the cause of the party in all forms. Ahead of the party’s impending parliamentary primaries the concerned branch executives say Ade Coker must be stopped from his calculated destructions.

“The suspended executives are the same people working in the constituency now by assisting our party people to go through the on-going Limited Registration Exercise. We therefore call on the leadership of the party to put Ade Coker on track before it is too late.

“Ade Coker must know by now that the NDC Party is not like the Accra Great Olympics which he used to manage with his one man decisions some years back,” Abdul Wahab Sarki, one of the aggrieved Officers told Ghananewsonline.com.gh in an exclusive interview on Monday.

Another officer, Enoch Kojo Ametor, is of the view that putting in an Interim Management Committee (IMC) as proposed by Chairman Ade Coker would further deepen the confusion in the constituency and make the party perform abysmally, especially during the parliamentary level elections.

“This is something we don’t want to see again. We have all worked hard to see unity, good progress in membership recruitment, among others. Ade Coker has just come to mess everything up, but we won’t allow them any further,” he stated.

News is rift in the constituency that the proposed IMC has plans to meet tomorrow  Tuesday June 25, 2019 with the suspended constituency executives where they would officially announce their presence in the constituency and demand that the constituency executives’ step aside.

“But, we are assuring our members and supporters that this will not work. We are going to crash and fight the so called Interim Management Committee and lock the NDC office. If that is what Ade Coker wants to see, we shall give it to him to see,” an obviously furious branch officer stated.

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