Death Awaits You If You Vote In District Election-Foreign Voters Warned

Some angry residents and leaders at Winneba in the Effutu constituency of the Central Region have called on the gods of the Effutu Land Land strike dead any foreigner who would attempt to vote in the upcoming assembly elections.

The residents asked the gods to deal ruthlessly with foreigners who have been influenced by money to vote in the various electoral areas.

They alleged that some politicians in the constituency, are influencing people who are not voters in the area with sums of money to transfer their votes so they can take part in the upcoming assembly and 2020 general elections.

Nana Enon, a fetish priest who led the invocation cautioned foreigners who have intentions to transfer their votes to desist from such acts.

He aid, the gods will deal with those foreigners and their entire family but added that indigenes from afar can come over and vote peacefully.

“If you accept money from any politician to come vote in the Effutu area, you will be struck dead by the gods. If you value your life, then do not attempt to vote if you are not registered here.”

Source: Rashid Obodai Provencal||

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