December 3 is International Day of Persons With Disability

International Day of Persons with Disability (PwD) is an international observance Day promoted by the United Nations (UN) and supported by Organizations working across the globe to improve lives of Persons living with Disabilities or affected with Disability in one form or another such as the Stroke Association Support Network Ghana, World Stroke Organization, World Federation of Disability, the Ghana Federation of Disability, etc.

The day has been promoted since 1992. The observance of the Day is aimed at promoting the understanding of Disability issues and mobilizing support for the Dignity, Rights, meaningful involvement and well being of Persons living with Disability.

Countries, especially Ghana cannot achieve a full realisations of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), thus with the Slogan, “Leaving No One Behind if we fail to address Challenges Persons living with Disability are saddled with”.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, in his remarks during the UN General Assembly noted that, “When we secure the right of Persons with Disabilities, we move closer to achieving the central promise of the 2030 agenda – to leave no one behind”.

One billion people or 15% of the World’s population experience some form of Disability (WHO). Disability prevalence is high in developing countries especially in Africa, Ghana is affected when it comes to Disability issues.

Stroke is the leading cause of deaths and number one contributor to Disabilities globally.

Over 116 million years of healthy life is lost each year due to stroke related deaths and Disabilities. There are over 80 million people currently living who have experienced stroke or living with Stroke (WSO, global burden of disease)

The number one contributor of Disability in Ghana is Stroke. There are 59,863 Persons who have experienced stroke or are affected with Stroke and others living with Stroke currently in Ghana (SASNET).

These figures keep on doubling every year resulting and adding up to the number of Persons with Disabilities as well as increasing the number of Persons living with Disabilities in Ghana.

Forms of Disabilities include, Strokes, deaf- blindness, emotional disturbances, intellectual disorder, orthopedic impairment, Speech and Language impairment, Autism, autoimmune disorders, etc.

We call on the government to adopt and implement policies that seek to improve the lives of Persons living with Disabilities such as the Global Stroke Bill of Rights (GSBoR) , Disability Act, Ghana Advocacy Agenda of Persons living with Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs)December 3 is International Day of Persons With Disability.

When we secure the rights of Persons with Disability, we move closer to achieving the central promise of the 2030 agenda – to leave no one behind. – Antonio G. UN Secretary General.

Ad Adams Ebenezer
Executive Director SASNET GHANA
Fellow of the World Stroke Organization/YSP
Vice Chairman Ghana NCD Alliance

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