Democracy is the Solution

Politicians have been enjoying fat pay from the National coffers accumulated by the taxes of the poor, innocent and vulnerable. At the end of their service to mother Ghana they continue to enjoy this money in the name of ex-gracia.

As if that is not enough, at the end of their service on earth, huge national money is used for their send of party.

I am not against that but the worried part of it that every Ghanaians have to be concerned about is that, at the end of such send of program, someone will become supper rich overnight while Ghana’s little girl at Davikope had to continue put her life at the peril of crossing a river before going to school and at the school she gets punished for coming to school late and on top, had to sit on a bare floor in uncompleted structure to study.

The constitution that provided for accessible quality education plus FCUBE does not work in the life of this little vulnerable girl at Davikope because the same politician who cannot afford to miss his fat pay every month says there is no money so the constitution cannot work in that little Davikope girl and the voter at Davikope listened without a blink of an eye, applaud for the politician and every four years, he or she goes and vote for the same fat pay politician whose life being transformed due to increment of his pay while the conditions of the little vulnerable girl at Davikope remained unchanged.

People, its not about the political party you support. Is not about your relationship with the one in power enjoying the big pay. Its about equal rights and equal possibilities for all regardless of your geographical location.

Can the geographical location affect the possibilities of others but does not affect the election of the big man? Democracy is the solution.

By Seth Mifetu

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