Deputy National Organizer of NDC Chief Biney’s Marriage, wrong timing

While the fact remains that who becomes a wife or husband is the sole discretion of the individual, timing matters a lot.

Perception in politics is a key thing one can not toy with especially in an Election year.

Negative perception produces Negative result.

NDC’s Chief Biney’s marriage to NPP’s Afia Akoto no doubt raises a lot of negative Perception to the extent that a lot of people are questioning the Loyalty and Trust of the latest couples in town to their Political Parties.

Others are calling for their resignation due to lack of trust.

While I agree that who one marries is personal choice, I strongly believe that the timing of Chief Biney’s marriage is wrong .

No amount of explanation or excuses from the latest couples could wash away the negative perceptions formed in ones mind especially in this era of Secret recordings.

If you do the right thing at the wrong time, it becomes wrong.

Chief Biney’s wrong timing must be a lesson for all.

Source: Albert Aheto

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