Derek Boateng sues John Paintsil over borrowed $20,000 Cash for Gamble at Camp

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Ghanaian ex-midfielder, Derek Boateng has sued ex-playmate, John Paintsil over failure to pay $20,000 he borrowed from him in camp during 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa.

In the writ, Derek Boateng is demanding the principal amount ($20,000) with an interest at commercial bank rate from John Painstil from the date of collection till the date of final payment.

Aside from the above, Derek Boateng (plaintiff) is also asking his colleague (defendant) to bear all the legal fees and cost over delays in the payment of his $20,000.

Justice Akua Tagoe, the presiding Judge on August 16, 2018, ordered the posting of a copy of the writ of summons at one of the known residences of John Paintsil at H/No 13, Afro Street, Trassaco Estate, Accra after several failed attempts since May 15, 2018.

The court also instructed the plaintiff to leave a copy of the writ of summons to any adult of sound mind at the defendant’s residence and also post a copy on the notice board of the Court.

According to Derek Boateng, John Paintsil denied owing him money because he [John Paintsil] used the $20,000 he borrowed from him to gamble at the camp and since he lost in the gamble, there is no way he will refund the money.

Derek Boateng on the other hand, indicated that since he wasn’t part of the gambling, John Paintsil should at all cost ‘cough’ his $20,000 with interest to him.

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