Disaster awaits Ghana in 2021 – Pastor predicts

A man of God has prophesied that disaster awaits Ghana in, the year 2021. This disaster, he mentioned, included coup d’etats, hard times, tsunami’s and mass resignation of high profiled personalities. He has subsequently charged Ghanaians to pray fervently against these misfortunes.

Prophet Rev. Gershion Gbedemah, Founder, Leader and General Overseer of Havilah City of Prayer International Ministry dropped this bomb shell last Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020 at the church’s auditorium at Ankain, Juaboso during an evening service.

Tsunami-let’s pray for those living by the sea shore

With the theme of his initial sermon for the programme as “pass over me” Rev Gershion, noted for his unfailing prophecies, suddenly stopped midway of the sermon, and asked church members to pray for people living by the sea shore.

According to him, he foresaw a big beast emerging from the sea, and causing a great tsunami thereby submerging a whole city.
Coup D’etat

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Apparently seen in a pensive mood, the charged prophet, beating his chest, revealed that he foresaw a group of soldiers planning a coup d’etat against the nation, However, one of as our planners gave a tip off, and all the plotters were all subsequently arrested

Rev. Gershion is credited with prophesying the coup d’etat that took place when President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo led New Patriotic Party administration assumed power. He was wondering what had become of those arrested coup plotters in that case.

Politicians don’t listen

While arguing that politicians don’t listen to admonitions and prophecies until they happen, Rev. Gershion stated that, he does not belong to any political party. Neither does he prophesy for any monitory gains,but says what the spirit tell him to say. He was also quick to point out that he foresaw great suffering and hard times, including famine and scarcity ahead.

The charged Prophet also hinted that he foresaw a certain lady resigning her position upon the advice of her husband and family members, who felt that her life was at stake.
He also hinted that following current developments in the country it could be possible that a high profiled personality in the ruling NPP administration could resign, a prediction he had done about two years ago.

The charged Prophet veered off into the international arena, predicting a royal funeral in England and the royal coronation of a new Queen for that country.

He also predicted a future female president for the United States of America, Rev. Gershion is reputed with predicting the one term presidency for immediate best U.S President, Donald Trump; two years before it came to pass.

Also, he is credited with predicting the crisis in La Cote D’lvoire, the victory of Togo’s Nyasengbe Eyadema. The resignation of the Presidents of Mali and Madagascar and many more. Besides, Rev Gershion Gbedemah is credited with signs, wonders, miracles, healing and many more. As a result, his congregation cuts across all denominations, including Jehova Witness and Muslims, who openly share their testimonies to the glory of God and wonderment of all.


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