Disquiet In Airforce Over Promotion

There is disquiet among the junior ranks of the Ghana Airforce over a system of promotion that they say bestows unnatural seniority on their colleagues in the Army branch of the Military.

Military sources tell WhatsUp News that junior rank soldiers of the Ghana Air Force, especially those who have been in service for just a few years, are upset because they have come to realize that their opt for that branch of the Military naturally makes them inferior to their cousins in the Army. Consequently, morale is low while a steady build of disquiet punctuates disillusionment.

The situation has been blamed on a recent disingenuous exercise of the Air Forces time-honored system of promotion, which is said to be in itself, very discriminatory.

Called the Trades system of promotions, this specialized pecking order in the Airforce is based on the thinking that recruits come into the Air Force with specialist skill-sets in various areas of endeavors and therefore are squarely fit into whatever role that they obtain in the Force upon enlistment, leaving little room for promotion.

But in the past, promotion did come and even though compared to the Army, such promotions were quite seldom, Air Force soldiers somehow lived with it. That has now changed because the current top brass of the Force has instituted a policy in which soldiers due for promotion are divided into three batches and promoted within intervals of six month.

This system has led to the situation where within one recruitment batch there are different soldiers of different ranks even though all of these soldiers are intake colleagues.

It is even worse compared to colleagues in the Army whose style of promotion is the battalion system, under which personnel are promoted to fill up vacancies that develop within upper ranks.

The disparity in the battalion and the Trades system has led to the situation where most Air Force soldiers who were recruited in the same year with colleagues in the Army, are frozen in their basic rank while intake colleagues in the Army have been promoted twice or thrice above them.

According to an unhappy source, the comparatively unfair promotion system in the Air Force has led to a situation where personnel are awkwardly forced to render martial respect to either intake colleagues or junior intakes in the Army simply because those in the Army have been promoted while those in Air Force have not.

Source: Whatsupnewsghana

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