Do you notice the Dilemma of the Ghana Armed Forces? – Owula Mangortey asks

I am a Citizen.

I am a Whistleblower with a known face and address.

I rise to ask whether you notice the Dilemma of the Ghana Armed Forces?

Do you know that the MILITARY has no role in the outcome of the December 7 election?

Do you know the Military seems not interested in any silly talk about destabilizing the democratically elected Government of Ghana?

Do you know the Military is determined to enforce and ensure the protection of the stability of the country?

Do you read Ama Ata Aidoo’s “Dilemma of a Ghost?”

Do you notice that the Ghana MILITARY is like the ghost in Ama Ata Aidoo’s book which stood at the Elmina Junction undecided whether to go to Elmina or to Cape Coast?

You know why?

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The Politicians are distracting the Military from its core function of defending the country from external threats and aggression.

Do you know why the Military being involved in plenty internal policing duties?

Do you know soldiers are trained and psyched up to eliminate enemy combatants?

Do you know the Military is a Force and not a Service?

Do you that as you engage the Military in policing duties, and you insult and abuse them for any little infraction you are weakening their moral fibre, psychological preparedness, alertness and readiness to eliminate an external aggressor?

Don’t you think when the Military face terrorists who are armed and ready to kill, they would begin to question whether they should shoot to kill, as they reflect within a split second on their experiences with civilians during their civil policing duties?

Do you know you are distracting the Military from focusing on their fight on four (4) fronts namely:

(a) Threats from Terrorists?

Do you visit the Wa Military Barracks , and make trips to Lawra, Nandom, Hamile, Gwollu, Nyimati, Bullu, Jeffisi, Duwie, Dasime
and the Gbele Forest Reserve?

Do you visit the barracks at Bazua in Binduri, and the Bawku general operation area?

Do you visit the military camps at Kpasa and Bimbila? Do you realise the need for the Ghana Armed Forces to build a bigger Forward Operating Base to take care of the borders?

Do you see the preparations of the Ghana Armed Forces to ward off terrorist threats from Ghana’s northern neighbours?

Do you know that terrorist threats are some 10 to 20km from Ghana’s northern border?

Do you know of the Military’s actions to flush out terrorists infiltration into the Gbele Forest Reserve?

Do you see how your shopping malls, hotels, airports and other critical installations in Accra and other urban centres are like sitting ducks for terrorists?

Do you see how the big funerals and religious activities you organise over the weekends make Ghanaians easy targets for terrorists?

Do you know of the Military’s readiness to protect you and your critical installations through its readiness in its Sit and Look Bases, thirteen (13) Forward Operating Bases, Quick Response Forces, and Operation Enhanced Calm Life, among others?

(b). Reported discovery of Uranium and its attendant security threats in the Volta and Oti Regions

When you see or hear of troops movements in the Volta and Oti Regions, what do you say about such military operations?

Do you know of reports of discovery of Uranium in the Volta and Oti Regions?

Do you know that a foreign power with world renowned cybersecurity technology capabilities is interested in using subterfuge to “steal” the uranium by fueling conflict and arming dissidents and insurgents to fight and keep at bay the regular army while they “steal” the very precious uranium resource?

Do you know that this greedy powerful European country has had a similar notorious adventure in the Democratic Republic of Congo?

Do you know of the readiness and capabilities of the Ghana Armed Forces to combat threats to Ghana’s national security on the eastern frontier?

(c). The tinder box for the flares across the Western Frontier

Do you know that the rumblings that impact Ghana across its Western frontier have not died down? Do you know the tinder boxes for such flares still exist?

Do you visit Ezilinbo, Jarway wharf, Avelenu (New Town), Edusuazo, Allanda wharf, Elubo, Ghana-Nungua to acquaint yourself with the readiness of the Military to contain spillover of any unstable condition from the country across the Western border?

(d). Fight against Pirates/Terrorists offshore and near onshore

Do you know the Military (Navy) are focussed on looking out for pirates/terrorists operating in Ghana’s territorial waters, as well as other sources of threats to critical oil/gas installations and pipelines offshore and near onshore?

So, why do you distract the Military from its core mandate?

Why do you often draw the Military into internal policing operations?

Why do you create a disenabling environment for the Military to be distracted?

Do you see the Dilemma of the Ghana Armed Forces?

Cooked vegetables cannot be uncooked, spattered eggs do not reassemble!

I shall return.

Owula Mangortey
27th December, 2020

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