Don’t accept Negative Tags – Pastor Selina urges Congregants

The Leader, Founder and General Overseer of Faithway International Chapel (FIC), Pastor Selina has asked her congregants in particular and Christians in general to desist from accepting negative tags placed on them by Society.

Instead, they should ward them (tags) off and turn them into positive ones, and blessings, invoking the name of Jesus Christ their Saviour and Redeemer of Mankind.

This is because the society in which one lives is like a mirror that reflects all that one does. As such, accepting such negative tags can entrench them on the victim and thus have negative impact on the one on whom such a tag is placed.

“When such tags are pronounced on you, rebuke, refuse and refute them in the mighty name of Jesus!” she stressed. Pastor Selina, affectionately called Maa Selina by her numerous congregants gave this advice during an All-Night (War-Night) prayer session at the church auditorium at Alajo in Accra on Friday, April 26, 2019.

Being the fourth (4th) in the year and dubbed “Mega War Night” the programme had the theme “We won’t accept it!”, and it was as usual well-attended.

The General Overseer maintained that as one sees and carries him/herself in society, so shall the society see and accept the one. Therefore, one should strongly ward off such negative tags especially poverty which brings about nothing except hardship and turn them into blessing. This is because, the enemy is not God. Why then should one accept any negative tag from him/her?

Pastor Selina buttressed her argument with the story of Rahel the Prostitute in the Bible (  ); but how through her determination Joshua was able to conquer Jericho, with Rehel finally becoming the ancestor of Jesus Christ.

The General Overseer told the enthused crowd, which was receiving the message with applauses and cheers that in her quest to reach where she is now – Pastor Selina, she had to start by preaching to empty chairs and tables sometime back. “But now, do I do the thing same thing? She asked hypothetically. Now I preach to God’s men and important personalities like you”! She said amidst applause.


Pastor Selina charged the people to be visionary since God knows their future, saying that if their beginning is small their end will be great. She indicated that while even in one’s blood state in his mother’s womb, God knew him, and had good tidings for him right away. She was however quick to point out that even though time and tide are not the same, it does not mean that God does not know one’s future, for if one believes in what God holds for one’s future that he will see His greatness, saying that whoever disbelieved in God’s future for him was bound to fail.

Pastor Selina therefore urged the people to hold fast to God’s plan and future for them, hold them (goodies) with boldness, fortitude and focus while keeping silent over goodies, but instead fete them with prayers till they manifest physically.

“God sees you differently from how mortals sees you. Therefore, don’t accept any negative tags placed on you by people, as God has his own plans for you,” quoting John 2:1-6, amidst cheers and applause.


In his follow-up sermon on Sunday, April 29, at the same venue, Apostle J.B Afful told worshipers that life is full of stages and circles for all.

But in all these, God has good tidings for all. As such they should not accept any bad situation in which they find themselves at one stage or the other, as Pastor Selina admonished them the previous Friday.

He pointed out that before one succeeds in life, he has to go through a number of stages, circles or transformations, citing the metamorphosis of the butterfly – from cocoon, through larva to caterpillar before finally becoming a full blown butterfly.

In the same vein, he maintained, God has his own way of preparing and  protecting people as they go through such trials until such a time that they come out triumphant.


Citing Isa. 7:17-21, Apostle Afful pointed out that before one achieves his ultimate goal in life, there arises a Goliath in his life. This Goliath, he noted, was summon- table provided one kept faith in his God as did David. Apostle Afful pointed out that these trying moments and their concomitant Goliaths go to show God’s glory as pertained in John in the bible.

He stated that David, a king in waiting, before finally gaining prominence, had to kill Goliath to exhibit God’s glory. The Apostle indicated that the waiting King David had to take it cool and easy in his servitude in Saul’s Palace in those trying moments at the dreaded Saul’s hands. This is because even Samuel the Prophet feared Saul when God asked him to go and anoint David.

Finally, when the time got ripe David killed his Goliath and his name blossomed as God has planned for him. Charging the congregants to behave like David, he urged them to remain calm, cool and collected till the opportune time that God has in store for them. Subsequently, by going by Pastor Selina’s admonition, one should not accept the unhealthy situation he finds himself in at a particular time, but should remain focused determined and prayerful to enable him see God’s glory.

He stated that God has everybody in mind and at the appropriate time, He will raise one up to shame his enemies.

Source: S.O. ANKAMAH


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