Don’t give Lecturers the opportunity to Sabotage your Grades – NUGS General Secretary hopeful urges Tertiary Students

Oscar Komla Bedzra, a General Secretary hopeful of the National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) has urged his colleagues from other tertiary institutions not to lightly take lecturers who temper with their grades .

He made this point during an educational program in the Volta regional capital, Ho, on Saturday August 25.

In a speech, he indicated that some lecturers in most tertiary institutions especially the public institutions are fond of the said act.

“We have come too far as a country and as such students not to tolerate what I describe as an unacceptable and unscrupulous behaviours from lecturers . Top on my list is the sabotage of students’ grades or scores which goes a long way to affect the final class honours of students at the end of the schooling or study period,” hr stated.

He stated further that, some male lecturers also trade sex for grades, indicating further that it has become the simplest way of victimising females.

“Most male lecturers have of late, resorted to victimising our colleague females for pleasure whiles they go ahead to sabotage any male they suspect have intimate relations with these females. Some of which are even study mates. This act does not conform with societal norms and I urge my colleague women to expose such male lecturers who engage themselves in these acts.

“This is a threat to our final class honours likely to affect us in the world of work,” he stated.

The NUGS General secretary hopeful said students should report lecturers who temper with their (students) grades after they call for correction in their favour.

“I don’t want to say that I’m a victim of this circumstance …,” he said amidst laughter .

He was quick to state his displeasure at the manner in which students’ scores are allegedly being manhandled against the students in tertiary institutions across the county. He ended his speech asking students to be tough in dealing with these lecturers. He pledged his support for such victims.

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