Double Track, a Time Bomb waiting to explode

I have read a series of accounts by teachers, students and other professional bodies concerning the railroading of this double track system. There are issues surrounding the unpreparedness of the free education implementation, one of my reservations is the tight schedule in the schools’ calendar !!!

There are periods of strike by the teachers or students revolt in schools etc. In times like this, one track suffers though they are all to write the same exam. I have wondered how the schools will make up the times lost during periods of strike since the time of change over for the next track can not be compromised!!!

Another concern I have is the amount of money parents are paying a month for classes for their wards at home all in the name of free SHS. Why should a free SHS program, cost a parent 500 or a 1000 a month for an extra classes because a child is at home awaiting a change over.

Terrible enough, those who can’t afford it, are busily finding none existing part time jobs to do, in order to gather something to keep body and soul together.

There may be a high tendency for such kids to fall out from the education ladder

Last but not the least, I am wondering why this government finds it difficult to tell Ghanaians the truth, rather lie to make us feel we are idiots or robots.

Every parent want the best for his/her child. The conditions that students live under, the over crowding and inhumane conditions may cause problems for us. No life should be lost again because of inhumane conditions. I have seen some kids suffering from a combination of mosquitoes bites and that of bed bugs .

Not too long ago, Dr. Gideon Boako was on the media ranting about how free SHS had made a lot of savings for parents, but the culminating effect with the free SHS together with the various tracks being implemented will wipe off any supposed savings he was referring to, especially when parents have to pay for extra classes and engage the services of teachers to teach their kids at home.

I pray this administration starts listening and stop the infantile justification of the issues facing our kids .

Have a lovely Thursday

Kun fa Yakun

Source: Godwin Ako Gunn

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