Dream for All Foundation announces Asunafo South District Abroad Scholarship Program 2019

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Grants Coordinator for the Dream For All Foundation (DFAF), organizers of the Asunafo South Scholarship Abroad, Foster Kyei, has admonished the youth of Asunafo south district of the Ahafo region of Ghana and other parts of the country to further their education to learn about the moving trends of development and technological advancement in the world in order to make meaningful impact on the area and the African continent as a whole.

He made this known at the launch of the 2019 Asunafo South District Abroad Scholarship Program.


Dream for All Foundation (DFAF), is a nongovernmental organization founded in 2016 by Moses Antwi and Foster Kyei to explore the question:  How do you help poor people to grow and realize their full potential? Their ideas include shifting focus from fixing problems and healing the past, to focusing on what we want for our organization, our communities, our country and our lives – and how to achieve it.

It is also to enable poor people to envision and realize their dreams was the approach they called “Dream for all foundation (DFAF).”

The Asunafo South District is one of the 22 districts of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. Its capital is Kukuom. Asunafo South district was split off the former Asunafo District (which is since then called Asunafo North District) on November 12, 2003.

Asunafo South District through Dream for all foundation, DFAF, established its Abroad scholarship called ‘’Asunafo South Abroad Scholarship Program,’’ which was founded in 2017 by Moses Antwi, the founder/CEO of DFAF, to encourage and enable bright and promising young students to fulfill their dreams of entering abroad universities with full scholarships. What began so many years ago as a dream of assisting students with educational expenses has become a tradition of giving. The foundation has granted scholarships to numbers of students to help them with their educational goals.

August 28, 2018 — The Asunafo South District through Dream for all foundation (DFAF), Asunafo South Abroad Scholarship program awards $87,384.76 in scholarships to 5 exceptional students to study abroad.


Scholarships are funded by Schools, Government,International businesses, local businesses, ASAS- DFAF, Privately-owned companies, and a host of other public, private, and individuals. Please see the listing below for the names and descriptions of scholarships.
This listing will be updated as new/additional scholarships become available.

According to Mr Kyei, the scholarship program has been categorized to meet the demands of all the students .

1. Scholarship Name: Belt and Road Scholarship.
Description: Offers free tuition, free accommodation and allowances to students who plans of pursing either Postgraduate and Doctoral degrees. {Engineering and Law Courses only}.

2. Scholarship Name: Outstanding Athletes: Track and Field Event Scholarship
Description: Offers partial scholarship to outstanding Athletes who plans of pursing Undergraduate degree. {Engineering Courses only}

3. Scholarship Name: Jasmine Scholarship
Description: Full scholarship {cover tuition, lodging, comprehensive medical insurance, living allowance} and Partial scholarship {20,000 -30, 000 RMB}, to students who plans of pursing either Postgraduate and Doctoral degrees. {All courses available}

4. Scholarship Name: Presidential Scholarship
Description: All Masters and PHD Students can avail Presidential Scholarship. (Partial for Masters and full tuition + accommodation for PHD Candidates), {All courses available .

The program’s grant coordinator also encouraged the students to to have interest for special programs such as

Undergraduate: Mechatronic engineering, Telecommunications engineering, Chemical engineering, Computer science, Business Administration.

Masters: 1. Business Administration-Enterprise Management, Technical Economy and Management, Accounting), 2. Accounting- Financial Accounting Theory and Technology, Financial Management Theory and Technology, Management Accounting Theory and Technology, Auditing Theory and Technology, Accounting Information System, Financial Governance and Internal Control) 3. Public Administration: – Government Management and Public Policy, Medical Insurance and Health Management) 4. Communication and Information systems: Mobile Communication and Wireless Communication Technology, Communication Network, Optical Communication Technology, Signal Processing Technology) 5. Environment engineering, 6. Traffic Engineering: Road Vehicle dynamic performance simulation and control, Road Vehicle comprehensive energy conservation and emission control, Ground vehicle system, Urban traffic control and management, Transportation system safety and environment) 7. Mine environment engineering, 8. Mining Engineering, 9. Mineral Processing Engineering, 10. Law of Economy, Legal History, 11. Legal Politics, Jurisprudence, 12. Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Mechatronic Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Vehicle Engineering. etc.

Doctoral: Mining engineering, Mineral processing engineering, Mine environment engineering, Computer Software & Theory, Mechatronic engineering, Clinical laboratory diagnostic Medicine – (Clinical laboratory diagnostic Medicine), Agricultural Engineering – (Detection and Control in Facilities Agro-biological Environmental, Electrical Equipment and Information Technology in Agriculture, Planting and Harvesting Machinery and Technology, Agricultural Environment and Plant Protection Equipment Technology, Agricultural Soil and Water Resources Utilization and Water Saving Irrigation Equipment) Management Science and Engineering – (Management Science and Innovation Management, Behavioral Science and Human Resource Management, Industry Engineering and Service Science, Management System and Social Management Engineering, Economic Systems Analysis and Management) etc.

Mr Foster Kyei pleaded with students who meets these requirements to take full advantage and pursue higher.

Must be a graduate or able to graduate at the end of the current academic year.
Minimum 2.5 GPA, Up
Ghana citizen .

Age limit:
Not be more than 25 – Undergraduate, 35 – Masters and 40 – PHD, years of age at the time of application.

According to Mr Kyei ,interested applicants (males/females) will complete an online application form from the foundation’s website (www.dreamforall.org) and send required documents as follows by the 27th February 2018 to our email (info@dreamforall.org):

·  Attach a 3-minute video of yourself explaining why you are interested in Asunafo South Abroad Scholarship. (Include information about yourself, leadership experience and a concrete leadership role played, Video size should not exceed 12MB.

· Birth Certificate copy
· Passport copy
· SHS certificate/ Bachelor degree/ Master’s degree copy
· Academic transcripts
· Three letters of recommendation; two from a University Lecturer, and one from community or civil society organizer, and head of a public or private agency, testifying to the candidate’s abilities and leadership potentials.

The founder and CEO for dream for all foundation, Mr Moses Antwi edged students across the globe not to be content with the little education they have ,but to strain to achieve higher learning experience and scores, for personal enhancement and to impact the rest of the world.

Source: Emmanuel Adu Gyamfi (gyamemma5@gmail.com)

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