The “Dribbling Magician” called “Corruption”

Different political messages or adverts are created by politicians (propagandists) to convince voters because of differences in perception. Politicians use well packaged messages to convince us all that “Black is white and white is black”. Mr Ato Ahwoi recently warned politician to desist from tagging themselves with unsubstantiated corruption allegation since continuous use of that propaganda tool will soon invite serious problems for the political class.

Personally, I hold the view that once we understand some politicians use the the media as mechanism to convince the public that black is white and white is black,we can start reversing the impact the ‘perception entrepreneurs’ have on us. Corruption allegation is the most effective tool or propaganda message politicians use to incite the public against governments across the globe and in Ghana, it the single most deadly weapon the opposition uses to incite voters against the incumbent. It has been the practice since the first republic. Nkrumah and his appointees came under ruthless attacks by the opposition over corruption allegations. The opposition manufactured well packaged lies to dent Nkrumah’s image, they told Ghanaians owned over hundred house across the country, Russians have constructed a special tunnel from Accra to Nzema through to Liberia and decorated that evil lie with another lies that Nkrumah’s father hailed from Liberia. Ghanaians were made to believe that Osagyefo was using charm ‘Kanka Name” and could escape with the wind. After his overthrow, the family of Nkrumah could not point at one building as property of the founder of Ghana,his wife had to leave to Egypt because of accommodation and other problems.

Acheampong suffered same fate and his situation aggravated when he opened his administration up to some civilian business magnates,we heard jargons like “Fa woto b3gye golf” “Kalabuke” etc. Some Generals were executed by the AFRC regime over corruption charges. Some were accused of taking 50,000 old Cedis loan and others because they owned two, three or more houses, etc. Ghanaians supported the military in its house cleaning agenda and shouted gracefully in support of the punishment the regime meted out to the Generals and other top business magnates in the system.

Between 1992 and 1996, to understand the goal of our alleged corrupt politicians the Npp manufactured our consent through spin, framing and general deception and used section of the media as devise to manipulate Ghanaians,to overcome the innate wisdom and reasoning of the general population and get them to buy into policies and ideas which were not in their best interest but meant to suit their agenda. Adu Boahene and his team narrated perfectly on all their platforms the killing of the Generals vis-à-vis the condition of the politicians at the time,the murder of the Judges, excesses recorded under the two Rawlings military regimes etc.

Between the years 1996- 2000, the NPP’s corruption tag propaganda changed but appeared more deadly. The NPP mentioned the purchase of Nsawan Cannery by Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings and her 31st Dec movement, the shaving of civilians inside the Presidency, Nana Konadu’s Switzerland Account and the 600,000 dollars swiss bank account balance, sale of GNTC stores and buildings to Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, Sale of state lands to Nana Konadu Rawlings, the Rubber plantation issue and other state properties the Nana Konadu and her 31st Dec acquired ( purchased) through the divestiture arrangement

These corruption allegations were to huge to counter by the NDC and got suffocated by them,the allegations coupled with other internal issues landed the party in opposition. Tagging Rawlings personally with corruption remained a herculean task for the NPP even when it took control of power, all attempts to tag him with corruption proved futile but Nana Konadu was always in Court to justify why she should be allowed to own the Nsawan Cannery, the GNTC stores and buildings, some old cinema houses,the state lands etc.The NDC suffered collateral damage ( political) from these allegations but cleverly marshalled support for their former first lady.

In the 2008 election campaign, the NDC also revealed certain mind boggling corruption allegations it discovered under the Kufour administration and effectively used section of the media and its propaganda outlets to propagate these allegations which convinced Ghanaians. It was a pay back time for Nana Konadu who made this famous statement

“We find ourselves in a situation today; having survived the massive corruption of Mr. Kufuor and his NPP and their violent abuse of power, and injustice, yet there are so many countries in the world who still pretend and indeed pamper these people who almost destroyed and collapsed our country with corruption, injustice, nepotism and cocaine.”

The former first lady went on to expose the inaccuracies in the academic as well as the professional records of the NPP’s flagbearer Nana Akufo-Addo  and this was how the media captured it

“Now we have somebody… who is coming and is also saying he is a lawyer, trained in France; it’s all a lie. He did not go to any law school. He has been practicing in Ghana as a lawyer but he never went to law school,”

That was how the NDC also attacked the NPP using the corruption tag. The interesting point noteworthy is that most of these allegations politicians throw around are mere black propaganda, false information used to vilify and embarrass political opponents and politicians cleverly do that without the population realising that they are just influencing them to push them to a particular direction.

Same mechanism is being uses to tarnish the image of the just exited administration especially its leader John Mahama. Finding it difficult to tag him with an allegation supported by concrete evidence, the new administration and its apparatchiks have adopted their Goebbels technique,they conceal source of their fake stories or credit them to fake source and spread their lies, fabrications and deceptions and they use section of the media to create the willingness to accept these wicked lies as credible. The irony is that persons who were victims of this NPP agenda have suddenly become conduits for propagation of their agenda. Proving these allegations with concrete evidence after winning power has always been a mountain climbing task for our politicians.

Few month into government, the NDC has started uncovering some corruption allegations against the current administration. Is it a matter of politicians always wanting to turn the masses into ropes for their partisan tug of wars using the corruption phenomenon? This is my question for my fellow politicians as we monitor unfolding events.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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