Drop The Hypocrisy, Dishonesty and the Incompetence Mr. Vice President.

On the early hours of Wednesday morning, His Excellency Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia came out with another prank, clueless, disgraceful, shambolic, and useless comparison of their government achievements and that of the previous NDC administration, and further seeking to discredit the ‘Kumy3 Pr3ko demo’ which saw over 200,000 Ghanaians protest against corruption, kidnappings, contract killings, heightened insecurity, job losses, collapse of banks, abuse of power and incumbency, suppression of press freedom, indiscriminate borrowing without nothing to show and a host of others.

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia indicated to the good people of Mamprugu that, “When John Dramani Became Vice President, he channelled all resources to Gonja Land and today every hamlet, village, and town has portable water, proper health care, electricity, classroom blocks and good roads, so vote for me and I will make sure what happened in Gonjaland happens in Mamprugu”. This was how low you sunk when you needed power so badly and so desperately. As to whether every Village or Town in Mamprugu has gotten what you promised, only God knows. Indeed, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Mr Vice President, as said by Manasseh Azure Awuni that “First Lady Rebbecca would choose JM Over her husband Nana Addo”, and since you and your wife are two sides of the same coin, your mother, Hajia Mariama Bawumia would choose JM over you Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia.

Since your are busily snoring on the job as the leader of the Economic Management Team, a gentle reminder to wake-up from your slumber Mr Vice President. You were not put in such sensitive position to compare and contrast. It is not your responsibility to tell Ghanaians what you’ve done, let them feel it.

This disgrace MUST stop Mr Vice President. This ineptness MUST stop Mr Vice President. This hypocrisy MUST stop Mr Vice President.

Mr. Vice President, hypocrisy coupled with inconsistency at its highest peak is when in 2017, you recorded a total of 103 achievements of your government in your first 100 days, and same achievements instead of an upwards increase, drastically reduced to 47 achievements in 2018 and further downwards to 22 achievements in 2019, in what you christened as “Compare and Contrast”. This disgrace must stop. This hypocrisy MUST stop Mr Vice President.

Governance is not about nodding and clapping your hands and blowing your own trumpet. Great Leaders concentrate on delivering the results, and care little of who gets the credit.

Mr Vice President, you have suddenly become irrelevant in Mamprugu and Ghana as a whole. You are one of the most ridiculed, teased and mocked Public Figure on Social and traditional media. The public reactions to your unguided “Compare and Contrast” latest post, is evident to this effect.

The good people of Mamprugu were convinced by the local saying that, “You will never sleep with hunger, once your mother was part of the cooks, at the funeral home”.
Mr. Vice President, what do you have to show in Mamprugu as your achievements after nearly 3 years of deceiving your own people to drop their colour tv set (John MAHAMA), in return of nothing (Overzealous Nana Addo) ‘black and white tv set’. Where did the good people of Mamprugu go wrong? Where are the concrete roads you promised? How many kilometers of concrete roads have been constructed in almost 3 years?

Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, talk they say is cheap. The whole Mamprugu is disappointed in you, for not backing your cheap talks with visible actions or achievements.
Your current lack of direction for the people you so exploited in 2016 elections (The people of Mamprugu), has vindicated a statement made by His Excellency John Dramani Mahama in 2015, that, “Not only your biological brother is your brother”

Mr Vice President, the man you told Mamprugu to reject because, he was not our own, led an administration that facilitated and built over 60 health facilities across Mamprugu and 10 out of these facilities are in Walewale constituency. So, stop your hypocrisy Mr. Vice President.

The John Mahama led administration hooked over 100 communities in Mamprugu unto the national grid. Walewale constituency had its share of 24 communities successfully hooked, and more than 16 communities awarded and currently at various stages of completion. So, stop your hypocrisy Mr Vice President.

His Excellency John Dramani Mahama built over 120 classroom blocks comprising of 3-6 unit classrooms across Mamprugu, and more than 20 out of these, are found in Walewale constituency. So stop your hypocrisy Mr Vice President.

His Excellency John Dramani Mahama provided good drinking water to the people of Mamprugu. I can emphatically say that Walewale constituency had the greatest share with close to 300 boreholes in addition to the Tinguri-Gbani-Diani water project, Walewale water project (uncompleted) and the Kparigu water project which was commissioned by the Commissioner General himself (JM). So stop your hypocrisy Mr Vice President.

His Excellency John MAHAMA touched on many roads across Mamprugu including the Walewale-Nalerigu road and the town roads in Walewale which have since been abandoned by your own government, as you look on helpless. So Mr Vice President, stop your hypocrisy.

The NDC and JM established a College of Education named as ‘Gambaga College of Education’ in Gambaga. We also had our share of JM Community Day SHS, though abandoned by your inept government. Langbinsi, Namong and Nasia E-Blocks are clear examples. The NDC and JM improved the infrastructure of the existing SHS across Mamprugu. Most of which were completed before we left office but most have also been abandoned as usual, including those at Walewale Technical and Vocational Institute.
So stop your hypocrisy, Mr Vice President.

Mr. Vice President, the above clearly shows that your Hypocrisy is Legendary. You’ve become irrelevant in Mamprugu and that is why you were being heckled during your Ramadan visit to Gambaga. You chose to celebrate Eidul-Fitr in Wa as your last best option instead of Walewale as captured in the itinerary to avoid shame as was planed by your own party faithfuls to register their displeasure about your seeming lack of power even in government and your seeming lack of direction for the good people of Walewale and Mamprugu as a whole.

Your so called ‘Compare and Contrast’ does not make sense to the generality of the Ghanaian people and that is why you were roasted on your facebook page. So, stop your hypocrisy.

A revolutionary piece of advice, to a snoring VICE PRESIDENT.

By: Ali Wuni Abdul Majeed,
Communication Officer

NDC, Walewale Constituency.

☎ 0244671304

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