Dubai Expo 2020 launched In Accra

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) has on July 31, 2018, launched the Dubai Expo 2020. It is an event to link visitors and participants for the exchanging of knowledge and experiences on diversity of thoughts and innovation in the development and presentation of solutions to challenges facing contemporary societies.
Speaking at the launch, Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry in charge of trade, Carlos Ahenkorah (MP), said the has a broad theme of “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” with three sub-themes including Sustainable, Mobility and Opportunity.
He said the theme is on today’s highly interconnected world, a renewed vision of progress and development based on shared purpose and commitment.
The theme he also said will be the driving force in the Expo 2020 to unravel the complexities of interdependency of the world and would further provide the ambiance to foster creativity, innovation and collaboration worldwide.
According to him, “At the Dubai Expo 2020, Ghana will participate under the theme, ” Ghana: Limitless Opportunities “. Ghana’s participation in the Dubai Expo 2020 in intended to underscore the Government’s commitment to attracting Foreign Direct Investment into critical sectors of the economy for job creation and ensuring prosperity for all.”
He further said, under the theme, there would be more opportunities that would abound in all sectors of the economy including not limited to trade and investment, energy, tourism, education, agriculture/agro processing, road and rail, air, water and sanitation, arts and entertainment among others would be showcased.
He disclosed that, Dubai happens to be the financial center of the United Arab Emirates and a high income city and depends on oil reserves, wholesale and retail trade, transportation and storage, industry and tourism.
Mr. Ahenkorah said, improving the time, procedure and cost of doing business in the country by removing bottlenecks in the business environment would immensely contribute to government’s quest to create a conducive business environment for businesses to thrive and subsequently actualize government’s agenda to attract Direct Investment into critical sectors of the economy.
According to him, Dubai has a population of 3.089 million people as at July 16, 2018 with a total land surface of 4,110km square. “The GDP as at 2017 was $105.9 billion and grew by 2.6% in 2017. I have taken time to mention all these to you in order for us to have a grasp and good appreciation of our nation, Dubai.”

Major expos such as Dubai Expo 2020 are organized every five (5) years, and Dubai as a well known city in the United Arab Emirates has the privilege of hosting the world major Expo for the first time in the history since the first exhibition was held in the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London UK in 1851.
The Expo, which is scheduled for the period of six months, from October 20, 2020 – April 10, 2021, is expected to bring together about 150 companies across the globe and over 30 million participants are also expected to attend.
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