DUTA Brand Ambassador targets 1 Million Subscribers in Ghana

DUTA Brand Ambassador for Ghana, Kofi Adzivor has revealed that it is his hope DUTA, would be able to achieve one million subscriptions in the first quarter of 2019. In an exclusive interview with ghananewsonline.com.gh, the revered journalist says the uniqueness of DUTA’s services would make the target possible.

According to him, so far some channels have been created and participants are benefiting from automatic news updates related to “Ghana News, Hollywood News, Bollywood News, Tennis, FormulaOne, Chess, Hockey, Trump News, live football and Basketball games update and fashion news”

Duta is an Indian group messenger specifically to render different kinds of services like the latest in news, sports, entertainment, devotional, finance, quizzes and games including horoscope services.

So far, Duta has a presence in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. Ghana is the latest to benefit officially from this project.

Adzivor says Duta is bringing the next billion people online for text messaging services that would be helpful to all.

He explained that ‘by adding +91 7338946175, +91 7448828662, +91 7448833410, +91 90871190910 and +91 9840831158 to any WhatsApp group, members of those groups are privileged to enjoy regular up to speed news updates across the world at no cost to them.

The purpose of this is that “Duta is completely re-imaging how people access and enjoy the internet…….this is an innovation,” he told us.

Source: ghananewsonline.com.gh




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