ECG from Good to Better to Best, after the President’s timely sacking of PDS

So President Nana Akufo-Addo finally gave John Dramani Mahama’s PDS the boot. It is said that JDM had put Joseph Siaw Agyepong, aka Jospong, in charge of arranging the Manilla consortium, which was alleged to be a group of offshore companies registered in tax havens with no capital. Their wealth was supposedly just deceit written in ink to swindle Ghana, hence the fake bond that finally broke the camel’s back.

From March to June, 2019, PDS received 2.4 billion Ghana Cedis in electricity supplies, but paid just Ghc 183 million. However, it was said that Jospong alone was the recipient of over USD 50 Milllion in contracts, more than what PDS paid for electricity consumption from ECG in the first quarter. PDS stole the money otherwise why have they not paid the balance of 2.217 billion Ghana Cedis plus the cost of electricity drawn from from July until they were justifiably sacked? That is what we want to know. Akromfo)…3wee!!! Even the rates payable on ECG’s properties, meager as they were, could not be realised because PDS refused to pay.

Basically, ECG was suffocating. The rot in PDS suppurated, overflowing onto an already choking Electricity Company of Ghana, which had hitherto become yet another sitting duck for the mafia criminals to leech on. These misfortunes notwithstanding, revenue collection soared as soon as ECG took over. The former Managing Director, Ing Boakye Appiah with his able team realised a sum of over 120 million Ghana Cedis.

Then a new Managing Director was sworn in to take over the mantle of leadership. In his first month, Mr Kweku Agyemang Budu’s leadership realised a surge in income for ECG appreciating to some 147 million Ghana Cedis. I have always believed in us as a nation, but to look down upon ourselves by accepting whatever nonsense the Americans and other colonialists, for that matter, throw at us is very unacceptable.

I believe it is for this reason that President Akufo-Addo called off the PDS deal, chartering afresh the path of self-growth and independence. Of course, ECG is a company that has seen massive rape by the governments of the NDC, especially during the time of the “Nice but Incompetent” John Dramani Mahama. It is in this breadth that people have maintained the challenging point of view that competence is a matter of strong contention when it comes to electricity generation and distribution in Ghana. However, it is within the purview of the ECG to make massive restructuring within all its aspects and facades, as is currently going on, so with this new crop of leaders, this state company is bound to excel.

There is an Arabic adage that says that nothing scratches the itch of your skin soother than your own fingers. In this dimension, it is my opinion that nothing can bring better and positive change than our own people provided they have the right person as President Nana Akufo-Addo at the helm of affairs.

So I say to the Board of ECG and all the staff that are working tirelessly to ensure that the nation is always lit and bright, AYEKOO!!

To those saboteurs who for meager tips are implementing the alleged vindictive and vengeful agenda of PDS in the form of payback to the nation, I say a big SHAME! When and if any of your family members suffer the bleak consequences of your actions by way of getting burned in the process of playing “hide and seek” with the electricity, you will have an albatross of guilt that will hound you to your ghastly end.

Why the intentional outages when you know that there is a nation that is creeping its way out of a crisis that the “nice but incompetent” John Mahama and the NDC put us through? Nyame b3 tua mo bako bako bako! Tweaaa, nation wreckers!

The new MD, Mr Kweku Agyemang Budu and his team of Deputies, Directors, and all nationalists must continue the good work that is gradually bringing the ship back to shore, safely!


By Fadi Dabbousi


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