Editorial: A Letter to Media Owners in Ghana

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Dear Media House Owners,

Please, we have a pandemic at hand that we’re struggling to avert it from spreading. As you know, this virus posses threat to our survival as a nation. When this virus, God forbid, spreads like it’s happening in Italy, there will be nothing like your media house or yourselves.

For the sake of God, please put all your political programmes on hold. If possible, turn all your political programmes into educative sessions for experts to educate the public on preventive measures. You can equally engage in community based sensitization programmes as part of your corporate social responsibility.

We’ve had enough of the wayward politicking on radio and TV. Let’s reserve this period for the experts to assist us. I know most of your producers have already lined up panelists to discuss Akufo-Addo’s address and the team the NDC has constituted to help the nation fight the virus. Please, such a discussion is needless and unhealthy at this time. If the NDC has constituted a team, your job is to encourage the team to give their all in support of government’s plans to banish the virus.

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I know tommorow Monday is a busy day for your usual politicking. Please, tell all the politicians not to come to the studios. This is not time for politics. Last week, when all of us were busy thinking about how to get out of this mess, OB or whatever his name is, was interested in discussing who Mahama will appoint or has appointed as his running mate. Honestly, if I was one of you or the owner of Asempa fm, I’d have sacked that guy even before the programme ended.

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Please do this for the sake of the health of the nation
Thank you

Source: Amos Blessing 

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