Editorial: Bryan Acheampong, tapping a Hornet he can’t handle! 

The economic plague imposed on the Ghanaian people by the regime’s mismanagement should have been the matter of day


Ghana’s Sovereignty resides in the “will of the people” – no individual has autonomy over it. No individual can hold the people hostage nor can any group subvert the people’s will. When the people speak, the powers that be must oblige!

The viral video of Abetifi MP cum Minister of Food and Agriculture, suggests a political autocrat who is hell bent to thwart the will of the people, at any cost. Whilst laughable, the MP should be reminded “Affliction shall not rise up the second time”!

He piloted his lawlessness during the Ayawaso West Wagon by-election in 2019, and seeks to further such a dishonourable course. The NDC is not a political party that cowers to intimidation and finds hideous bunkers amidst adversity. Children of revolution do not grovel before dog’s barks!

The Ghanaian people would have found him reasonable had he addressed the gross incompetence of the Nana Addo Dankwa and Bawumia led NPP administration. As the current regime remains the bane of the people, such lame utterances would have been their last expectation from the MP One might infer he was intoxicated with alcohol that seized his reasoning pattern at the time yet in reality, echoed what has been discussed in the secret. The economic plague imposed on the Ghanaian people by the regime’s mismanagement should have been the matter of day.

For the record, Abetifi constituents throng to Koforidua Central Regional Hospital on referral basis which could have been altered had the loudmouth Bryan Acheampong taken keen interest in the completion of Abetifi Hospital started by H.E the former President, John Dramani Mahama. Whilst his people decry for proper health facilities, he prefers to epitomize NPP’s sadism to finding solutions.

As sternly and strongly forewarned by astute Joseph Yamin, the Mosaic law will be in its high voltage come 2024, “Tooth for Tooth and Eye for Eye” – the NDC shall not hold back to defend the votes of the people (both digitally and manually) and defend ourselves in the process!

We shall not relent and daring the NDC has ripple grievous effects: Never tap a hornet you cannot handle!

Richard Etornam Nyarko
Youth Leader-E/R
024 402 5211

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