Education Minister beats hasty retreat about three-year University Degree Suggestions

The Education Ministry has beaten a hasty retreat about suggestions made by Minister Mathew Opoku Prempeh recently that Ghana should be considering a three-year university degree programme instead of the current four years.

The suggestion triggered a massive backlash from critics who have complained about the consistent tinkering of Ghana’s education system by politicians, whenever they assume power.

However, a rejoinder from the Ministry of Education released today claims the minister was taken out of context.

During a speech at the recent Danquah Institute Leadership lecture held in Accra.
The Minister for Education, Matthew Opoku Prempeh hinted that the government will soon engage universities for the possible reduction in the educational timeline of undergraduates from the average four years to three years.

“Everywhere in the world, undergrad is three years not four years, why should we spend four years doing undergrad? We will sit down with the university lecturers and start challenging them, because Ghana is not an island,” the minister said during a speech at the 2019 Danquah Institute Leadership lecture held in Accra.

Responding to reports that quoted the Minister, the education ministry said, the Minister only made the suggestion to “trigger a national dialogue” on the issue.

“Indeed, the Minister referred to the fact that prior to the 1987 reforms that saw the shift from the ‘A’ level to the senior high school system, an undergraduate degree was three years, similar to and that in the case of the University of Ghana in particular, the first year was non-scoring, referred to as First University Examinations (FUE).”

Source: Whatsup News

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