Edzorna Mensah’s Letter to the People of Ketu South

I urge you, dear brothers and sisters, to pay attention to what I have written in this brief exhortation – Hebretorwo ƒe Agbale Ta 13, kpukpui 22 (Hebrews 13:22).

I am writing this letter to you, my families, friends, school mates, chiefs, and spiritual leaders of Ketu South Municipality in the Volta Region from my base, La in Accra.

It is well with me on a strange land, notoriously noted for vehicular traffic, excessive noise and no brotherhood.

On this strange land, people are busy working or schooling, others are doing the two at the same time, without recourse to the fact that, all works and no play; makes jack a dull boy. Here, we have no time for anybody, everybody is fighting for himself and his immediate family, the extended family is none of our business.

Few days ago, I came to Denu-Zongome to cover a program organized by friends of the Islamic faith, a program designed to propagate the Gospel in accordance with the Holy Quran, and to also help the poor in society.

That was not the first time, Edzorna has visited his birth place, Adafienu, one of the famous three towns: Adafienu, Hedzranawo and Denu in the Municipality.

These three communities are into commercial fishing, vegetable farming and trading, and our vegetable could be found outside the borders of Africa including America, Europe and the likes.

As a good citizen of the land and a Youth Leader, I do visit home almost every week for programs, funerals and most importantly to see my lovely mother, Mary Sokatsi and my blood relations who are in every corner, go to Aflao (Rural and Urban) Nogokpo, Akame, Agbozume, Klikor, Blekusu, Adina, Adafienu, Denu, Shikakorpe, etc. Why have I built this rocky foundation? I have done this, just to let you know that, I frequent my homeland like how any normal being will respond to nature’s call without hesitation.

Back to my story in relation to Zongome.

I have arrived at Adafienu a day before, the program in order to hold my usual meetings with friends and colleagues to discuss some developmental issues confronting us. During my training at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) some years back, I learnt that, journalists must attend programs early enough so as to get everything straight from the original source, not from his/her colleagues, reporters.

My brothers and sisters, I spent the night at Adafienu and the following morning I decided to go to the program by foot for the coverage. With 100% care, I walked on the shoulders of the dilapidated road with my two eyes fixed on the ground, just to avoid falling into the uncountable portholes.

On my way, I paused for few minutes at Adafienu L.A Basic School, now Adafienu E.P Basic (My alma matter) to watch a volleyball, just to entertain my eyes. My fellow Ketu Men and woman, I got to the program on time, covered it and reported it and I am back to my base, thanks to God for my life.

Now, this is my story my brothers.

Many communities in this Municipality are without some basic social amenities since the days of Adams and Eve, I can’t believe this. Sadly however, it is very true, because there is this community sitting on the Denu-Tokor Highway, just a walking distance from the Municipal Assembly called Gaglokorpe. These folks have never seen electricity before in their entire life, it is not their fault though. Interestingly, it seems their woes are growing by the day, because the Assembly is careless, the Central Government is not even aware of these challenges, or if they are aware, what are they doing about it?

Do you know, we have plenty communities in this Border City of ours without water, electricity, road, hospital, school and it will amaze you that, some of these communities lack simple toilet facilities? So they do what their leaders call “open defecation”.

Hmmmmmm!!!, my people, I know that, the challenges are many but by His Grace, together we shall solve them in the shortest possible time, for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms-Ephesians 6:12.

Oh Jesus, where are you?

My dear parents, I have decided to limit the discussions to the Road Sector as you are aware that, Jesus is the only way to heaven…..therefore, motorable roads in my area would lead us to development.

Good day to the good people of Hedzranawo, Adafienu, Babanawokorpe, Wokadedzi and Tettekorpe.

Your dusty road, from Sosukorpe near Toshiba Spot through Amutsinu, Agavedzi to Blekusu linking The Keta Municipality, is a source of worry to me? Commuters on this route are subjected to this bitter-dust every day, incredible!!

Let me at this point salute men, women and school children on the road from Denu Junction through the Post Office to the Beach for their endurance. The people of Klikor, your challenges are uncountable, water is key but ‘Adela megblor wokata o’, so allow me to stick to my road business, in any case, I haven’t seen a Kilometer of road asphalted here.

The road from Agbozume, Egborshime to Amen Junction, Junction through Lavoekorpe to Kpoglu, it’s just an eyesore.

From Amen Juntion through Unity School to Agbozume Rural Bank is absolutely unacceptable. How about Agbozume-Ehi road? Hmmmmm….what crime have people of Afuta, Agortorme, Srohume and Tsavanya linking Anlo Afiaɖenyigba committed for their road to be left unattended to? Today, this road could be best described as a vehicle destroyer?

The road from the National School via Lokorpe, Sonto to Bikor must be graveled immediately, if I were somebody, but to be that somebody shall come to pass, but should our people wait for that day?

When it comes to road, the almighty Aflao (Aflawu) is not forgiven at all. If we are to mark, Aflao would have scored the highest mark on poor road network. When we say Afawu, we don’t mean the Border.

We can talk about Ewotsige road, Rose Awakorme road, Akporkploe, Diamond cement road, Sefenukorpe and Agblekpui Road, this list can hit Yelibato, Korpeyia, Adzidotoe, Hatsukorpe etc, etc.

I can’t end this letter without greeting these Honourable people who are working hard for us: the Member of Parliament (MP), for the area-Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Elliot Edem Agbewornu, and Presiding Member (PM), Simon Gbedevi.

May Mawuga Sogbolisa be with you all.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year.

Francis Edzorna Mensah, La Accra



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