Election 2020 will be about Achievements and Ideas – Floating Voters

The Floating Voters Association of Ghana (FVA) has hinted that Ghanaians will in the 2020 general election focus on achievements, ideas and policies of the candidates before casting their votes.

This was captured in a statement issued on behalf of the Association by it’s Chairman and General Secretary, Ben Aderson and Bright Cidi-Ocloo respectively and copied ghananewsonline.com.gh

The next general elections in Ghana to elect a President and Parliamentarians to steer the affairs of the country will be held late next year.

Many registered voters will once again be in long queues across the country to exercise their constitutional rights of choice.

The statement by the FVA noted that “Over the years Ghanaians voted based on factors that does not contribute directly to the development of the country like tribal reasons, religious reasons, physical looks among other things. But today, gradually Ghanaian voters have arrived at a state of mind where developmental ideas and competency matters most and the year 2020 election will be a demonstration of such state of mind”.

According to the association Ghanaians in the last three general elections, threw their votes in for candidates due to influence of political propaganda and other personal interests.

“Today, by the courtesy of the Floating Voters Association, many floating voters in the country have been grouped for proper education on electing political candidates through our community’s forums and summits.

“Politicians must take note that poor propaganda and less reasonable campaign messages will not hold in election 2020 for we the FLOATING VOTERS will focus mainly on achievements and contest of ideas. We believe the electoral commission will contribute its best as usual to enhance a transparent, free and fair elections” the statement emphatically stated.

Source William Dei-Gyau

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