UN Eminent Peace Ambassador speaks on Voter Registration ‘wahala’ in Ghana

A United Nations Eminent Peace Ambassador Dr. Sam Owusu, has commented on how some members of the political leaders in Ghana have arrogated to themselves some powers during the just ended registration for a new voters’ register and National Identification Card.

The ambassador lamented how some political leaders and their followers used guns and weapons during the registration of the voters’ card despite the fact that it is unlawful to carry a gun in public or to election centers.

“So if the security services can provide gargets to scan anyone who will appear at the election center on December 7, 2020, Presidential and Parliamentary elections,” the peace ambassador stated in an interview with ghananewsonline.com.gh.

“It is very sad for someone who is looking for a job for somebody but at the end of it you’ll point a gun on this same people, I am begging the security personnel, the IGP and the Commander in chief of the Ghana Armed Forces to provide gargets that can help us to know the bad ones with weapons on them at the election centers. The International World Association is begging this country for peace this election 2020,” he added.

The Peace Ambassador said previous administrations came with Peace, former President Agyekum Kuffour, former President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills, all came in Peace and they won the elections, and so these parties of today should know how to campaign in this year’s election.

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Peace Ambassador frowns on Youth insulting Elders
Peace Ambassador Dr. Sam Owusu

“We should all know that our neighboring countries are Francophone and so if violence and conflict come where are we going. Sometimes I pity the youth when they are organized to do these things to cause conflict and violence.

“The EC must wakeup and know what to do for this 2020, 7 December election. Again, I advise our security personnel, National Security, Ghana Police Service, and the Ghana Armed Forces to start something good from today before the election. As I said earlier we can get scanners to scan people who are going to vote.

“I will also advise the youth not to be influenced by any political party.

“You’re now making it in life, let us value our life and decide your own price if you want someone to fight because of Ghc1,000 or a single television,” peace ambassador

“Don’t sell your price to political parties for clothes, television, the most boring thing is a “can of sardine”. You can take the money though but know your price and how you value yourself.

“Ghanaian politics has become give and take, they sell their properties for power after they want to get it back in a few years. Those with wisdom and knowledge cannot come to power because there they don’t have money”

He said he has an impending programme for this election called ‘EVERY LIFE COUNT PEACE CAMPAIGN’ which will enable the youth to know how relevant their life is.

“All these political parties what can make you win is to speak Peace all the time. ‘Peace message is our country leg for election, not violence and conflict,” the Peace Ambassador said.

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