“Enhancing Democratic Practice and Party Politics in Ghana” – Handiwork of the 2024-2028 Agenda Crusaders

The 2020 election is a still a while away. But the talk of whom to vote has already started – at least on social media and other public platforms. Many who voted for Akufo-Addo in 2016 are starting to have doubts. The disappointment of Akufo-Addo not having met expectations is leading some including diehard supporters of the President get disillusioned. What we do in 2020 must perhaps be the most through decision in the history of Ghana Here is my take on the choices in front of us.

We must vote John Mahama not retain a regime that will destroy our education with its outmoded policies- but because there is still hope that John Mahama will realise the criticality of the education sector and usher in the needed reforms

We must not vote John Mahama not just because we cannot afford to retain a regime that will renew its loot of our country’s natural resources and engage in open corruption- but because there is hope that the personal example of corruption free governance that John Mahama set in 2013 onwards will trickle down the various layers of governance when he comes back, and will automatically result in a much less corrupt administration and improve delivery.

We must not John Mahama not just because we cannot afford to retain a regime that will continue with the family and friends governance system- but because there is hope that John Mahama will realise that the real need of this nation is uniformity of law and equal treatment of all citizens and end the family and friends governance system.

We must not vote for John Mahama because we cannot retain a regime that will sit back and smile while its footsoldiers supporters etc roam on the streets with the severed head of a cow in their hands- but because there is hope that John Mahama will continue with his infrastructure implementation agenda which will offer employment to thousands of Ghanaians.

John Mahama is the most influential politician in the country currently. He has proven himself to be the man of his words, through the transformation of his socialist ideas into vivid reality. It would be an understatement to call him just ‘Champion of Development’ because he also excelled in every other role of an ideal President. This is the reason why I described portions of the book titled “ENHANCING DEMOCRATIC PRACTICE AND PARTY POLITICS IN GHANA” as bogus and useless. If the writer and his paymasters are allowed to publish more of such useless books about the NDC, I fear they may undermine the party in no small degree. They may well cause internal fractures and dissension difficult to repair yet visible to all.

I fear such useless publications based on selfish and parochial permutations can undermine the party’s goodwill with the electorate and make the approaching challenges to the party materially more difficult than they need to be. Instead of focusing on their campaign, some of the aspirants seek to undermine the John Mahama brand by engaging in dilatory tactics. When forced to act, they do so in an arbitrary and capricious manner, without the counsel of leadership and party elders and without regard to the party’s internal procedures. Whatever personal qualms you may have with John Mahama are secondary at this point. You have moral and professional obligation as aspirants and senior party members to act in the party’s best interest. After reading the book, I said sorry to the writer and his or her sponsors because, they displayed gargantuan ignorance and cheap hatred. There is nothing scientific or academic about the whole stuff. The party should not waste time to rid the system of such elements that are capable of betraying its vision bad derailing its mission. It is also important to do a proper diagnosis as to why there could still be saboteurs within the party in opposition. To lessen animosity and ensure that the party continue from where Mahama left it and maintain its internal democracy and openness, those aggressive characters seeking to lead the party must retrain from taking divisive decisions and attacking other aspirants. All must work and campaign within the confines of the duties and responsibilities enumerated under the party constitution.

Almost 95% of those aspiring to lead the NDC in the 2020 election were either appointees of John Mahama, or were appointed board members by the former president. Apart from the administration’s excellent record, they have their personal performance records.

There has been, there would be many great leaders in Ghana. But in the current scenario, Ghana needs John Mahama. For a member of the NDC to conspire with adversaries of the party to publish mischievous and false information under the guise of assessing our politics, tells how wayward and dangerous some of them have become all because of power. John Mahama is not corrupt. That fact can be established only by looking at the condition of his brothers and other family members while imagine the fortunes of the current President, other politicians and their families.


Opponents of John Mahama are unwisely are attacking him for taking those decisions. They are not concerned about what resource persons, experts, social and political commentators, civil society organizations who vehemently condemned his policies are saying today. They are not interested in what Prof Gyimah Boadi, Franklin Cudjoe, Prof Agyemang Dua, Imani Africa and other renowned Ghanaians who constantly condemned policies of the Mahama/NDC and intermittently demonstrated against the administration are saying today about the former president and his policies. They didn’t hear Franklin Cudjoe who was one of the ardent critics of the Mahama administration, describe Mahama as a saint, they’ve not heard appeals coming from experts, the Asantehene, educationists and some renowned Ghanaians to government to take a second look at Mahama’s policies including the progressively free SHS, the student’s loan scheme etc. Yes, he was bold enough to take even unpopular decisions for the sake of the future of this nation. He told Ghanaians was ready to give away power if it is about sticking to his prudent policies unprecedented in the political history of Ghana. However, his detractors should never forget, this country with a history of corruption, religious bigotry, enmity, greed, jealousy, intolerance and full of traitors, would not be easy to control even by a dictator.

The Achievements of John Mahama are all over the country and his party will have projects to point at in every region, district or village it campaigns. The days of empty political rhetoric is over. The Ghanaian voter now takes his or her voting decision based on what he or she sees around, message of the power seekers and superiority of political argument. The Ghanaian voter is not ready for vague experimentations.


The childish propaganda his opponents are propagating which was carelessly captured in that anti-NDC book is “What is he going to tell the electorates” . That is the weakest and most childish propaganda I heard a politician make. Does he [Mahama] need to bombard Ghanaians with long political messages? The situation the ordinary Ghanaian finds himself, the economic hardship, collapsing of banks, collapsing of businesses, laying off of workers, arrogance of appointees of government, massive corruption involving the President and his appointees, nepotism, unemployment, failure to fulfill promises, etc are enough torments to get the voter angry and crave aggressively for Mahama’s return. Ghana is not NDC that is the reality internal opponents of Mahama should know. The call and crave for Mahama’s return assumed a national dimension. It is not about an ambitious NDC politician preparing the environment for his 2024 or 2028 agenda. All those competing John Manama know deep within their bowels that they cannot defeat Nana Akufo-Addo in 2020. It will take a miracle for that to happen because of the political dynamics in Ghana. May be they should also find out why the President and the NPP are more concerned about Mahama’s return. The President and the NPP have not done much to consolidate their victory. Apart from a few components of the party’s manifesto which resonate in some of the speeches of President Akufo-Addo, little is known about how the NPP will to do things differently looking at their low performance and mind boggling incompetence. These are the crucial issues the author of that book and persons who share in those weak propaganda the author is espousing via his book must consider when doing their political assessment.


For an analyst to rely on weak and baseless propaganda information in doing his assessment should tell you the agenda behind his work. Corruption tag is the most potent weapon the opposition, coup makers etc use against incumbents. The coup makers in the past used that as justification for their coups and successfully incited the masses against the incumbent with clever anti corruption expressions. At least one of the aspirants Goosie Tanoh in an interview with Bernard, told us part of the reasons why they broke away from the NDC to form the National Reform Party was this same corruption perception. Corruption in government was one of the weapons the Npp fired successfully against the NDC in the 2000 campaign. The media opened their platforms to the opposition to propagate its corruption message and repeated same after the 2000 election.

Instead of writing long thesis and spending millions of cedis on publishing such anti NDC growth books and articles, the author and his financiers must find out from the Npp what has happened to these allegations

-Mahama has private jet

-Lordina Mahama was building a warehouse inside the flagstaff house

-John Mahama has hotels in Dubai

-Appointees of John Mahama including some who are contesting him today, own hundreds of fuel stations

-The Mahama special zoo in the Falstaff house

-Mahama has hundreds of mansions across the country

– 80 percent of Mahama’s appointees are his family members

-Mahama sold Merchant Bank to his brother

-There were massive fraud and corruption at the NHIA, SSNIT and other state agencies.

Credibility in politics is very important that is why the author of the book and his sponsors must demand for evidence from the NPP. Ghanaians will demand for evidence and answers to these issues. Ghanaians will ask the first deputy speaker of parliament to provide evidence to support his allegation against Lordina Mahama. What about the Ameri contract propaganda, the Karpower, the IMF deal, the stabilisation levy, the 350 new secondary schools they promised etc.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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