EOCO Boss distances himself from NAM1

K.K. Amoah, the Executive Director of the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO), has sought to distance himself from allegations that he was living off the largess of the fugitive Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM 1) of the infamous Menzgold Ghana gold trading business.

In a press statement released on Friday, the embattled EOCO boss caused Jacqueline Avotri, the Head of Public Affairs of EOCO to issue an official statement denying his links with Menzgold, describing the allegation as “malicious and slanderous with the main aim of destroying the image of the Office and the reputation of the Executive Director.”

Last week, one Stanley Kodua, believed to be a brother and confidante of NAM 1, made damning social media posts, including videos and Facebook posts alleging that the EOCO boss and some officials in the current government were fed fat from huge sums of money and gifts such as Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles from the deposed NAM 1.

“EOCO boss please return your car and the 6 Land Cruisers taken from East Legon by some government officials too must be returned including the money. They are all part of the Ponzi scheme money as you claim and NAM 1 want to pay Ghanaians. The truth shall always set us free. God can’t fail. More coming…,” Stanley Kodua (alias KOD) stated in a recent Facebook post.
He followed it up with a one-hour video stream where he made more damning exposé, including saying that NAM 1 gave Mr. Amoah some expensive mobile phones to give his [Mr. Amoah’s] girlfriend.

However, in a rather curiously controlled tone, the EOCO statement said the allegations would deter the agency from going after NAM 1’s assets, saying: “The video and its alleged content will not deter the Office from retrieving and preserving the assets owned by Menzgold and its Associated Companies.”
“The Office is further assuring the general public that we have a duty to perform and would continue to secure the asset of Menzgold Company Limited and its associated companies in accordance with our mandate as confirmed by the order of the court,” it added.

NAM 1 who operated the highly popular Menzgold gold trading scheme in Ghana for some years now, fled Ghana when the deal went bust after regulators clamped down on his business for not possessing the required licenses to operate such a scheme.

The clampdown did not give recourse to tens of thousands of Ghanaians who have invested in excess of GHC 7 billion in Menzgold. NAM 1 was forced to flee the country to Dubai, allegedly with the help of his diplomatic passport and assistance from high-ranking officials.

His escape has meant investors’ funds locked up as EOCO tries to chase NAM 1’s assets to pay back frustrated investors.

However, some investors who claim to have a deeper insight into the happenings at Menzgold say the EOCO exercise is a mere smokescreen that would not save the locked investments.

Source: Whatsup News

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