Ernest Thompson defends Kwesi Nyantakyi

Former Hearts of Oak board member Ernest Thompson has jumped to the defence of former Ghana FA boss Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi insisting he has done a tremendous work for the game in the country.

This follows a condemnation from a section of Ghanaians who believe Ms Lucy Quist must be expelled from the Normalization Committee following her association with the former GFA capo.

He believes Nyantakyi did his best as president of the nation’s football governing body despite his imperfection and should not entirely be crucified.

“Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi is not a devil or demon and that does not mean Ms Lucy Quist cannot take independent decisions because she is a friend to Mr Nyantakyi. Even if Mr Nyantakyi is her brother, he doesn’t decide for her. If that criteria is used a lot of people will not qualify for anything. Let us not demonize Nyantakyi as if he has done nothing for us,’’ He told KUMASI FM 104.1MHZ.

He continued saying ‘’He is one of our own. Something has gone wrong and it’s been handled at another level. We can all have an error of judgement in the decision-making process. It could be that he took some decisions and his judgement was in error and it applies to everybody. I don’t support this ‘pull him down attitude’ in our country as if he’s a devil incarnate ”

However, Mr Thompson indicated that he’s not surprised with the names on the Normalization Committee, stressing he only disagrees with the assertion of an inclusion of a ‘football person’

“I don’t buy that idea and don’t know where the definition of football person comes from but Lawyer Dua Adonteng is on and is involved in football. I believe they will extend a hand to others to form a committee”

FIFA in naming the Normalization Committee stated it will add another name in due time and Lawyer Thompson has advised people to desist from names suggestion.

“It is the call of FIFA so let us stay away from mentioning who is to be there and who need not to be there. If someone wants to lobby he should go ahead and stop putting pressure on people. Allow FIFA to take the decision and stop putting people under pressure,” He concluded.

Source: ghanasoccernet

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