EU and the USA Bullying Ghana: No, Ghana’s Cocoa is not “DIRTY”! – Part II

Having discussed a couple of famous incidents in the wicked history of Europe and America, we cannot forget about the British misbehavior and criminal maneuvers in China. The two opium wars, also known as the Anglo-Chinese wars, were an indictment on the genes of these people who ironically masquerade themselves as human rights advocates. The Brits used the “Nemesis”, a war vessel belonging to the East India Company, a conduit for British atrocities in India and the Far East, and other terrorist ships to subdue the Chinese.

The Chinese, very hard working people by nature, were turned by the criminal schematics of the British into lazy opium junkies spending the better part of their days dazed, drugged, and dumbed. They became almost useless, a situation that led to the coercion of Hong Kong bringing about the Nanking peace treaty between the Chinese mainland and British governments as well as the Peking Convention that ceded Hong Kong, Kowloon Peninsula, and Stonecutter’s Island. Not only were the Brits involved in illicit business, dealing in all kinds of drugs especially opium, the war was also fueled by the growing need for exotic Chinese silk and other products. So by annexing Hong Kong and other territories, they spread their horror all over China terrorising any indigene, who dared stand up to them.

This is one of the main reasons I love Chairman Mao Tse Tung and Premier Chou En-Lai. They stood up to the British and reversed the status quo until the whole of China was finally liberated. Very fearless leaders!

So, in brief, we have established that the European Union and the USA have never been able to shrug off their superiority complex and their general disposition of arrogance, claiming onto themselves what does not belong to them, and arrogating to their lot a supremacy over the nations of the world, which blasphemes against the very existence of life and the right of every human being to equality. The irony is that they claim a war over drugs when they invented the trade and continue to indulge in it; they claim a war over the abuse of human rights when they are the very violators of same; they claim a war over bullying when they are the bullies, masquerading as peacemakers; they claim a war over deforestation when their temperate forests have been felled to make way for cattle ranches that give off 30 times more heat than regular industries; and the cases of sham wars they claim they are fighting are endless, but the truth about it is that they are throwing dust into the eyes of gullible people whom we in Africa form the core of.

The Cocoa industry in Ghana has not been spared the lies and blasphemous chicanery of the European Union and USA. When the cocoa union between Ivory Coast and Ghana was announced, it threw the European industry cartels and mafia groups off guard. Never in their life did they ever imagine that a strong force would emerge from underneath the canopies of Ghanaian cocoa farms to pull the plug on them. In their stupor, the instinct of supremacy kicked in. They decided that they would not allow it. Recently, at a conference in Zurich, a demonstration of children and stakeholders in the cocoa industry lined up the streets wielding placards some of which read disgusting slogans like, “Dirty Ghanaian Cocoa”, or “Dirty Ghanaian Cocoa in sweet chocolate”, and so on.

You see, Ghanaians are endowed with exceptional faculty and wisdom. It took a quick lecture from the CEO of Cocobod, Hon Joseph Boahen-Aidoo, to set the records straight and shame the wicked European cartels and chocolate power houses. He lectured them on the normalcy of some of our traditions in Ghana. They had to understand that we respected their traditions even though we saw them as weightless husks! In reciprocal manner, they had to, and so they must, respect ours in as much as we are trying to evolve and innovate in all aspects. He explained to them that in cocoa villages far away where the farms were owned by local emigrants, children couldn’t be sent to school at the tender age of 5 or 6 years because the nearest was some fatigable distance away. That is why they were often found at home or playing about on their parents’ farms until they were of age to be able to make it to school safely. The idea that children are slaving away on local farms in Ghana is totally alien to our culture and traditions. This had to be hammered into their heads quite eloquently until the silence that had taken over the conference broke into loud applause and a standing ovation.

No, Ghana’s cocoa is not dirty!!

Here in this country, another conference was organised at Alisa Hotel. There was a banner with pictures alien to Ghana that were being used to indict our cocoa industry. When this same person, Hon Joseph Boahen-Aidoo, was called to speak, he dissed them politely again by punching irreparable holes in the whole European agenda. He analysed the pictures and told them that the one with the boy lifting a sac of cocoa was not Ghanaian because here we bag in jute sacs, and that particular sac was not jute. The other picture of a child carrying cocoa in a plastic box was not Ghanaian because we use wicker boxes. He made them know that there is hardly a Ghanaian child in this country who had not carried water on their head. He used himself and the Minister as examples. Then he told them that in spite of that, he was not a child labourer! He finished them koraaa! Let me add that I, FADI DABBOUSI, also carried chicken feed on my head when I helped on my father’s poultry farm, BUT I WAS NOT A CHILD LABOURER!!!

Again, another ovation registered the failure of the EU to understand that their supremacy had been shredded and the masters were no longer the Europeans. The masters in the cocoa game are Ghanaians!

It would not be a fulfilling end to this article if we did not reiterate how cruel the European impostors are. In October of 2007, a plane was arrested in Chad with over 100 trafficked children on board abducted from Sudan by French criminals wearing “Child Rescue” blazers. Who gave these people the right to snatch children away from their homes and separate them unlawfully, illegally, criminally, heartlessly, and brutally from their families? Maybe, they needed to satisfy their sex trade, an industry that features sick pedophiles with an insatiable hunger for child pornography.

Part III coming up!!!

By Fadi Dabbousi



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