Ewurama Kyerewaa of Royal Ladies writes to Bawumia

Dear Vice President,

I have all along thought of you as an accomplished economist and an honourable man. I have also thought of you as one of the most highly qualified economists to occupy the position of Vice President of the Republic. You have held important positions in the Finance Ministry and from that perspective alone, you have earned for yourself a capital of respect that is inexhaustible.

Having said that, I am sure it is not lost on you that you are, perceived to be a weak leader, a conman and a liar though there is little reason why it should be so. Your real and perceived weakness is also accentuated by your reputation for personal integrity. After all, what strong leader would remain personally honest but allow wanton dishonesty under his nose.

For this reason, with all the respect I have for you, I am unable to rejoice much at your personal integrity. You have been the honest security guard, of highest integrity, who was sleeping on the job as the thieves emptied the coffers.

But much of this is by now well known and it is not regarding these issues that I write this letter to you. For a man of personal integrity, I have been rather disturbed by your statement on the state of the economy, the numerous promises of our party, and your latest comment on the come back of John Mahama. For a man of few words, your words could have been better thought through. I don’t think Ghanaians need such political punches at this time. In opposition and when we came to power, expectations were high. Your ascent within the Npp was dramatic, earning you admirers and detractors in equal measure. Many Ghanaians hoped Akufo Addo’s helming of Africa’s most civilised democracy, brimming with youth and economic potential, would put an end to all our problems. Under you and your boss, investors expected to see a less bureaucratic less regulated apace where investors confidence multiplied because you made the world understand the hologram using Akufo Addo understood what a digital Ghana needed. This isn’t exactly how things have panned out. While Ghana’s annual economic growth rate is healthy per your own statistics, the path to progress has been extremely slow. Your supporters who believed you would fast track progress are instead seeing the predictions of your detractors come to pass

Mr Vice President, our government is now rapidly losing favour with Ghanaians including some of our ardent supporters. I am not sure your oration and attacks on Mr Mahama can deliver us from the situation we find ourselves.

So what did we promise Ghanaians at the onset? An end to corruption, better education, cleanest city in Africa, business friendly environment, employment, dams, factories, more schools…For investors who were looking forward to seeing the new administration usher in New, business friendly policies and put an end to red tape government culture, nothing has been done. The villagers are still waiting for their dams, the districts, their factories, chiefs and opinion leaders in our constituencies are waiting for their $2 million, our friends in the spare parts industry are waiting for the reliefs we promised them. These are the critical issues we must tackle before we present ourselves to the people in 2020. Responding to a man seeking to lead his party is not part of your mandate.

The importance of creating employment opportunities in Ghana cannot be overstated. Our government has failed miserably in keeping our job creation promise. Worse, our government has even failed to match the job creation rate since 2011.

The former President is only reminding us of our promises and re-echoing screams of the sufferers. Instead of focusing on his campaign, get your men on the streets of Ghana to check the prevailing tempo. We cannot use same trick we used in 2016 in 2020.

Mr Vice President, I am writing to you as a devout Npp supporter who is having serious nightmares because of our abysmal performance. People who boldly tell it as it is are described as either pro Kufour, moles or NDC supporters..I careless about how I am branded. My prayer is that God remove the scales from our eyes to enable us see our failures and the prevailing realities

Thank You

Ewurama Yaa Kyerewaa,

A disappointed supporter

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