Ex-senior Military and Police officers advise deployed colleagues to ” act professionally”

The continuous deployment of security officers, as well as vigilante operatives within the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the stronghold of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), has pushed some concerned officers to express worry, cautioning them to stick to their core mandate as officers of law and order.

According to a statement issued over the weekend, following the heavy deployment which has been criticized by chiefs and opinion leaders from the region, the group known as “concerned officers of the Ghana Armed Forces and Ghana Police Service” tasked the officers on duty tomorrow in, especially these areas, to conduct themselves professionally.

The group’s statement, expressed concern “There are a few worrying signs in recent days: the massive deployment of military, police and vigilantes in certain parts of the country, with unconventional accoutrements, firepower and mobility. As at now, we are aware that tens of COBRA Armoured Vehicles have left the garages of the Recce Regiment with millions of ammunition have arrived in Volta Barracks, Ho.

“Historically, the professionalism, loyalty, commitment to the constitutional mandate, discipline, respect for human rights, protection of civilians, by Commanders at various strategic, operational and tactical levels, and indeed, the rank and file, has never been in doubt. The demands are heavier now than ever.

Now the mantle of maintaining above enviable records, and much more, lie with the current crop of Officers, Men and Women of the Services. Ghanaians expect nothing but best practices of military professionalism, ethos and policing”.

Since the last voter registration in August, government has sustained the deployment of uniformed military and police officers as well as party vigilantes with official explanation that the move is to prevent importation of COVID-19.

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This explanation has, however, not been accepted by many, arguing the intention is to intimidate and put fear into voters, who will be coming out to cast their votes.

Sources suggest that, a “coordinated ground offensive”, with shock and awe, from the eastern border into Ghana is planned from night of 6th December; could this be the justification for seeking a Court Injunction to cancel the elections in Volta and Oti Regions as is being alleged?

Meanwhile, soldiers at the Defence Military Transport Battalion, are questioning why Army HQ has “stripped” the Unit of its traditional role by taking away its vehicle assets for use by vigilantes.

Overnight, large quantities of arms and ammunition, have been taken from a POLICE ARMOURY in Accra to unknown destinations”.

Members of concerned officers of the Ghana armed forces and Ghana police service, are surprised by the level of deployment, especially when there is no just cause for it.

“There is no internal strife that has warranted such operations except through the orchestration and figment of some people’s imagination. Some of these deployments have already created substantial fear and panic as people prepare to embark on a constitutional duty”.

It urged their colleagues on the field for the elections to remain neutral and desist from acts that benefits them sorely or some individuals or groups. They were advised to guide and guard the enviable name of the Ghana Army and Policy Service with integrity.

Adding, even though some unscrupulous people have been fused into their fold, they must serve with dignity and resist directive from any quarters so history will be kind to them.

“To you, our revered and gallant professionals of the GAF and GPS, we urge you to remain neutral in the discharge of your duties. Do not be misled by any politician or group of politicians pursuing a personal agenda. Do not allow the GAF and the GPS to be used to advance or achieve political objectives.

It is common knowledge that several vigilantes have been embedded into your ranks. Recall that the Services existed before the current crop of politicians and would outlast them. Your individual places in history would be engraved in letters of GOLD if you resist any political pressures from “ABOVE”.

Ultimately, like trees in a forest, every officer or man, will be identified by name, rank and functionality, what he or she did, right or wrong, good or bad. Be the pride of your service, family and friends by the heroism of making good and sound judgment, even at the peril of your lives”.

Source: The Herald

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GOT A STORY? Share with us. Email: [email protected] or [email protected] WhatsApp: +233(0)244822034
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