His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, The Threat!

“You people should bring Mahama and he will loose miserably”

This has been the common anthem on the lips of the Nppians ever since they annexed power from us January 7th 2017. Glaringly we can perceive the desperation coming from their quarters as they continue to hammer on the same weak and weird loose talk, “Bring Mahama and he will loose”.

Now, we have more prominent figures on the list who are very ardent and proficient, who have exhibited their keen interest in the race of who will lead us to Victory 2020. It very obvious that they all have the capabilities of being our flag bearer. But going forward we need to sit back and analyse some basic issues.

*How many percent of the voting population here in Ghana can confidently say that they know Dr Spio, Honourable Alban, Prof Botchway, Prof Alarbi et cetera?

*How long do we think that we can market a new candidate for the Ghanaian populace to buy into the ideologies and capabilities of that candidate for him to be able to recapture the seat of government for us come 2020?

*What are the possibilities that, should a new candidate erupt as our flagbearer he will be appealing to the six to seven percent of the voting population who always decides which party rules?

Why is Mahama the threat?

Seeing it plausible, thus after sober reflection of a discerning mind. One can tell that it will be murkier for us to introduce a new flag bearer:

*Unequivocally, even the Nppians can see how feasible the works of His Excellency John Dramani Mahama are on grounds.

*JDM administration has the:
(i) E school blocks
(ii) The Regional, legon, Ridge, military et cetera hospitals
(iii) The Kejetia market
(iv) The new Tema Port expansion
(v) The Kasoa interchange
(vi) The cocoa roads that are on halt
(vii) The Tema motorway roundabout project
(vii) The circle interchange
(ix) The social interventions of free fertilisers to farmers, free school uniforms etc.
(x) The Tema naval base senior staff flats et cetera.

With all these feasible edifices the common Ghanaians nationwide can foresee that we in the NDC just don’t give vacuum promises with a porous front line, but we deliver on our promises. And the man who under his administration saw all these explicit projects has availed himself to come back and serve his second term after we were being voted out based palpable lies and deceit from our opposition coupled with some neglects and other vices, which has given us a new experience and dimension of how to recapture the seat of government come 2020.

With JDM considering to come back, it did created chaos in the camp of the Nppians, because vividly they know that they have done nothing thus far and can’t deliver going forward. JDM is a threat to them because they are very much aware that, their impotent performance is making him more popular and for that reason they have to resort to a toddler propaganda that JDM has failed and that is why we were voted out, knowing consciously that they have failed and will continue to fail until we boot them out December 2020.

The only fear that grips the Nppians to awake them that they are on the verge of vacating the Flagstaff (Jubilee) House soon is the name of John Dramani Mahama.
JDM is indeed our surest bet for Victory 2020.

May the SUPREME BEING bless the great NDC and us all.
Ey3 Zu
Ey3 Za

Source: Kweku Mensa Akunnor

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