Exercise to Prevent Suicide- PPA advises Ghanaians

Professionals For Political Action Group

Professionals For Political Action, Greater Accra Caucus (PPA – GAC) has advised Ghanaians to partake in more health exercises to release stress which can lead to depression.

In an interview with the Chairman of PPA Greater Accra Caucus, Mr. Ebenezer Osei Kofi, he recommended that people should exercise more to reduce stress and depression.

PPA is a political group affiliated to the New Patriotic Party (NPP) consisting of professional workers, ie. Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Farmers, Fishermen, Carpenters, Masons, Plumbers, Journalists among others.

He stated that the ‘Change Campaign’ they undertook in 2016 hasn’t changed much, but now they are campaigning for a positive attitudinal change within the public and private institutions which will help increase growth.

Mr. Osei Kofi added that PPA’s main agenda now is to help the current government achieve its objective and policies that it campaigned on.

Mr. Kwabena Denteh, Deputy National NADMO Director, he also expressed concerns over the rate at which suicide keeps increasing in Ghana, adding that stress could be a contributing factor.

“Again, PPA does not want to be known only when there is an election, through health exercise we are also demonstrating to people that we still exist”.

He advised that if you find out that your friend is in a moody condition, get close to him or her and find out what’s wrong with him or her and that alone can bring relief to the person.

David Tetteh, the Communication Director for PPA Greater Accra Caucus, highlighted that they are open to all professional bodies to join.

He stated that PPA offer business advice to businessmen and women in the group to help their business flourish and also assist members without job to get job.

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