Failure to Stabilize the Cedi: Bawumia has dissaponted Ghanaians

His excellency, the vice president of the Republic of Ghana, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has now proven to be the worst performing vice-president to have led Ghana’s economic management team in the history of our forth Republic.

While in opposition, the then vice presidential candidate of the NPP, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia peddled falsehood on every aspect of Ghana’s economy at every least opportunity he had. He held several lectures on the economy to deceive Ghanaians that every aspect of the economy was growing negative and he propagated that, he had the solutions to all the problems he purported to have existed. Dr. Bawumia in one of his economic lectures posed 170 economic questions for the then vice president, Papa Kwesi Bekwei Amissah Attah to respond. This was to suggest that he, Dr Bawumia was a better economic manager than our late vice president, His excellency Amissah Attah.

He was able to confidentiality trick most Ghanaians through propaganda and lies to be believe that voting for the NPP would bring solutions to the problems he was creating with his political tricks as he would be leading the government’s economic management team as a vice-president if the NPP was elected. Fortunately on his part and in the wisdom of God to prove the law of karma, the NPP was voted into power on January 7th, 2016 and Dr Bawumia assumed office as the vice-president and head of government’s economic management team on 7th January, 2017.

As it is typical in the best football coaching practices, the best team of 11 players are often selected for the best results in crucial title matches. Dr Bawumia as the Head of the government’s economic management team assembled his best economic management team. He touted the capabilities of the team and made Ghanaians to believe that our economic challenges were over as they were going to employ pragmatic solutions to address the problems. Dr Bawumia and his team upon noticing some signs of economic stability as a result of the strong economic fundamentals that were laid during the Mahama-Amissah government, started singing and dancing to the music according to the sound of their own drumming. Dr. Bawumia stated clearly that he had arrested the depreciating Ghanaian cedi and handed over the keys to the Inspector General of Police. He told Ghanaians that cedi was in safe custody under the watch of the IGP for businesses to boom.

After spending three years in government and as the head of the government’s economic management team, Dr Bawumia is setting up a committee to investigate the persistent depreciation of the cedi. Has Dr Bawumia forgotten that, for the past three years his government has borrowed more than any government in the forth Republic but has nothing to show? Is Dr Bawumia telling Ghanaians that he is not aware that the money they borrowed heavily is in their pockets and not used for the purposes for which those monies were borrowed? Is Dr Bawumia not aware that, he and his government have collapsed businesses that could have supported the cedi to remain stable? Is Dr Bawumia telling us that he is not aware that, people now keep their monies in their homes or outside the country to avoid the bitter experiences Ghanaians encountered when he collapsed the banks? Is Dr Bawumia telling us that he is not aware that, if the country is stagnant without growth and development the cedi cannot stand the heat?

Dr Bawumia should be telling Ghanaians where the money they have been borrowing to arrest the cedi has gone. He should be telling Ghanaians why he has solutions to our economic challenges in opposition but has none in power as the head of the government’s economic management team. Dr Bawumia should be telling Ghanaians how the cedi managed to escape from the so called safe custody under the watch of the IGP. Dr Bawumia should be telling Ghanaians why he was very exceptionally competent in opposition but very extremely incompetent and inept in government. He should be telling us why he needed 170 responses to his economic questions from H. E. Amissah Attah when he (Dr Bawumia) cannot get a single economic management response as to why the cedi is depreciating but has to set up a committee with the tax payer’s money to investigate it. Dr Bawumia should be telling us why the economic management team should remain at post and what they will be doing at post at the time the committee conducts its investigation on the depreciating cedi.

The action of setting up a committee to investigate the depreciating cedi clearly indicates that the NPP government is not only wasting the tax payer’s money but that Dr Bawumia and his economic management team have failed Ghanaians. Ghanaians deserve better and the year of return will see John Dramani Mahama’s government putting up the best economic management team to rescue Ghanaians from the NPP starting from 7th January, 2021.

Jonah Adombila
Deputy Constituency Secretary
NDC, Bolga Central Constituency

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