Faithway International Church bounces back in Grand Style

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-After one month of Hibernation

…As Church Goes Gay, with G.O Taking Center Stage

It was all joy, excitement and merry-making last Sunday, June 23, 2019, when members of the Faithway International Church (FIC) at Alajo in Accra congregated at church’s auditorium to worship.

Apparently, having been in hibernation for one month as a result of the “Ban on Drumming and Noise-making” by the traditional authorities in Accra, the church went gay when they met to worship.

With the dynamic church choir “Voices of Dominion” setting the pase by dishing out soul-wrecking, captivating and irresistible tunes, members went frenzy, praising and dancing to the glory of the Lord, with the instrumentalists doing their own thing.

As if the dancing of members was not enough for the Choristers in tune with the songs they were dishing out, backed by the instrumentalists, they themselves took charge dancing profusely, with one Selina Wanu, noted for her dancing skills taking center stage and dancing as if possessed.

Feeling excited at their display, the church administrator remarked that he was not surprised because, they (choristers) had been compelled to go into hibernation by the ban, hence their exhibition that morning.

Matters came to a heed, when the Founder and General Overseer (GO) Pastor Selina Boakye took her turn to give the sermon for the day. She did not only start it with a song, thereby further throwing members into frenzy, but also interspersed it with accompanying songs throughout the entire period for the soul-touching sermon which met cheers and applauses from the bemused congregation.

With the theme “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover,” Maa Selina as she is affectionately called, did not only do justice to the topic, but also caught the very emotions and sentiments of her listeners, who kept on applauding and cheering her on throughout.

The G.O, who does not only oversee the affairs of the church, but also sees beyond the unknown, based her teachings on 1 Samuel 6:1-7; 12-16 and 17: 42-46; With one of the sermon songs being “Adekyie Mu Nsem…(no one knows tomorrow), Maa Selina urged her listeners  to overlook rumors peddled about them by their detractors, since no one knows tomorrow. What is more, when God was creating them and giving them their destinies no one was there.

Therefore, who is man’s detractor to turn his destinies round? “If your beginning is small, great will be your end”, she stressed. What is more, whereas man looks externally, God sees internally. As such what people see about you, is different from what God sees about you, she noted.

“How then can you judge me by what you see about me? Don’t judge about by its cover! She stressed attracting cheers and applause “How dare you judge me by the way you see me? I am short, tall, fair, black, etc so what? “She asked, amidst further reactions.

Maa Selina indicated that people are so hasty in their conclusion about others so much that it beats understanding and reasoning. Some, she noted, was on first sight, in cars, even in church and other social gatherings.

This, she pointed out was neither here nor there! She observed that it was for same reason that when God asked Samuel to go to Jesse’s house to anoint the next king for Israel after the rejection of Saul, Samuel perceived those tall, handsome elderly children of Jesse as those fit for the crown until God prevailed upon him to press Jesse for more, before mentioning David, the rejected one in the desert pasturing sheep.

In the final analysis however, it was David who was the chosen one because, God knew David more than his father Jesse. Also when the sword was drawn between David and Goliath, Goliath, in his despiteful tendencies looked down upon David, who eventually became the conqueror, with Goliath being the vanquished.

So also, was it with Joseph and his brothers, who only seeing external and imbibed with jealousy, sold him into slavery, but eventually having to kneel before him as captured in Genesis 50, all in respect of his dreams.

Maa Selina then charged people living with other’s children as maids and servants to take a better care of them because time changes and tables turn. According to her, the only destiny changer was God. However, if one remained resolute in his efforts with upright life, he could over run his detractors and subsequently achieve his God-given talents, ambitions and goals.

Source: By S. O. Ankamah



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