Family and Friends Propaganda Dead Upon Arrival

Let this preamble resonate loudly in the ears of foolish boys like Sammy Gyamfi and his sponsors that, “nothing is as unnationalistic, unpatriotic, and ungodly than for a humiliated sitting President defeated at the polls to award his brother approximately $650 billion US Dollars’ worth of Ghana’s Bauxite barely 5 days prior to handing over Power to the most responsible President ever to debut onto the political stage of our dear nation as President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.”

Did that foolish boy, Sammy Gyamfi, say family and friends? Well, it is such a calamity to have a diaper baby as this boy sponsored, allegedly, by Joseph Siaw Agyepong and other NDC surrogates to spew such rubbish. It was said, I recall, that no woman got a position in John Mahama’s government until she practiced acrobatics on his bed; a measure of how competent she would be in the position vied for. John Mahama had turned governance into an oligarchy of lewd libido massaging beasts who have made history in Ghana as the most family and friends oriented mafia that Africa ever knew; and certainly incompetent, too.

I want to tell that foolish boy, Sammy Gyamfi, that John Mahama’s sister was alleged to be the terror of the Ministry of Roads and Highways at the time of Inusah Fusseini, that same person who made the headlines having paid an artiste a whopping 150 thousand Ghana Cedis to perform at a rally when his people could not even afford “wagashi”. A large budget was carved out of the Ministry specifically to pay her for no work done. This rat, Sammy Gyamfi, should understand that when the 2012 elections were rigged by the NDC, John Mahama and Hanna Tetteh were said to have been evacuated in shorts and underwear from their hideout at Dzorwulu West in an ambulance because demonstrators had blocked off the only escape route. Do not forget that John Mahama’s best friend, Oye Lithur, was given a ministerial post because she supposedly twerked for him one night at a private party. Keep in mind that most of the officials in close working circuit of John Mahama were either concubines, cuckolds, gays, or close family relatives, all incompetent at what they were posted to do.

It is worth noting that all the looting that took place under John Mahama was executed by a mafia over one hundred strong. Ibrahim Mahama, it was said, controlled all the beefy contracts, and that you got nothing if you gave him nothing. All of John Mahama’s brothers became huge leeches, covering the entire government sectors like the giant pseudo limbs of an oversized octopus. What this faceless boy, Sammy Gyamfi, and his shameless NDC people should know is that we have an Honourable President in the name of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, who has won back the honour that John Mahama’s family and friends threw to the dogs. He has injected vigour into the patriotism of Ghanaians. Under the family and friends government of John Mahama, we were importing food from neighbouring countries. Today, due to the pragmatic policies of President Akufo-Addo, we are now exporting food. Maybe the abundance of food has made a languid urchin out of Sammy Gyamfi that he cannot get his lazy ass to the toilet to drop his bowels. It is no wonder that he is stinking all over the place. In a way I do not blame him, after all, what more would he know than to rant stupidly in public, insulting senior citizens old enough to be his grandparents who did not seem to have done well to train their children, leaving immorality and dishonour to cascade down to their generations.

Moreover, granted that there is a family and friends scenario, although that is an absolute lie and cheap fabrication to bamboozle the nation, the competence of the government overshadows any such situation and legitimises it. In comparison to the abysmal incompetence of the largely family and friends government of John Dramani Mahama, a family and friends scenario of President Akufo-Addo, if any at all, would be permissible given the impeccable performance on all fronts. We just heard that the United Nations has adopted President Akufo-Addo’s vision of “Ghana Beyond Aid” to extend it to the whole of Africa!

Sammy Gyamfi is as filthy as the last two letters of his surname. He is as useless as John Mahama and the pigs of the NDC who are bereft of ideas to put together a manifesto, which they started as ffs:

  1. 1C1D (one concubine one drauls)
  2. 1A1B (one akpeteshi one belch)
  3. 1M1B (one man one bullet)
  4. 1H1F (one house one fire)
  5. Burn the country if we don’t win………

They stopped right there because the evil was all in the NDC manifesto clause ‘5’. Then they went out soliciting for more evil ideas. But how can you blame a dead goat? We should blame ourselves if we allow such NDC idiots to ever rule Ghana again.

GOD guide Akufo-Addo’s steps! Still #FourMoreForNana

Source: Fadi Dabbousi




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