Family Pet Tragedy: Family’s Horror at Finding beloved Dog hanged by his own ‘Ameri Rope’ in terrifying “Freak Account”


This administration rode to power on the back of a promise to eliminate corruption. It is safe to say though, that more than any previous administration, the present administration comes top on the perception that a government will actually fight corruption because of what they told Ghanaians on their campaign platforms.

For many Ghanaians, the one reason why this government was voted into power was the belief that corruption which was perceived as the problem of Ghana would be brought to a stop.

Candidate Akufo-Addo was the symbol of this perception because of how he presented himself to Ghanaians. For many who voted for him, he was an embodiment of integrity, a man capable of doing no evil (even when his all die be die sermon was brought being played loudly across the country), an incorruptible disciplinarian (when a committee had established that he and others took monies from the party’s account without the consent of the Chairman and General Secretary. He was even applauded by many when he accepted the ruling by the supreme court over that famous useless and needless election petition.

Ghanaians did not care much about the economy or economic credentials of the then candidate Akufo-Addo. People did not even analyse how feasible it was for the cedi to be equal to a dollar and how it can be achieved and sustained. They just assumed that fighting corruption was enough to get the economy going. We heard the then candidate Akufo-Addo say that blocking the leakages was equal to growing the economy. The masses expectations were very high. For once, Ghana may be rid of corruption.

Few weeks after the swearing in of this administration, the news of the first corruption scandal was broken. It was the President’s own cousin, Ken Ofori-Atta. He issued a $2.25 billion bond without going through the prescribed official procedure. The issue of conflict of interest and blatant breach of procedure were raised.

The second scandal was the sale of contaminated oil by BOST. The nation lost million of cedis as a result of that fraudulent deal. It was the President’s own men who raised the Alarm. The President openly defended the Bost Boss as described those who called for the head of the Bost Boss as saboteurs. Few weeks after defending the man publicly, the President removed him over same nefarious deals. Then came the famous Korle Bu scandal which was also raised by the President’s own man A-Plus, who mentioned the two deputy chiefs of staff as the main executors of that fraudulent deal.

The Cash for Seat scandal dampened the hopes of his supporters. It was the first time Ghanaians were hearing such a scandal (expatriates paying thousands of dollars to qualify them sit close to a Ghanaian President). The report furnished the public by the parliamentary committee set up to investigate the matter could not wipe off the disgrace the President brought upon himself. Then landed the famous Ghc 800,000 Hawa Koomson website scandal, the Kelni GVG scandal, the $15 million digital addressing system, the $1.42 billion National ID Card Registration scandal, the $134 million oil deal involving relatives of President, the £600,000 cantoment mansion, the $20,000 and $30,000 bribe being collected from persons who request to meet the President by his nephew, the registration of over 800 new oil companies the first three weeks of the administration.

Less than two years in office, the Akufo-Addo led administration is already drowning in a sea of corruption scandal.

Unfortunately, rather than take the bull by the horn, he is busy drawing the wool over our eyes, and taking us through idiomatic/metaphoric expression lessons and sweeping humongous corruption cases involving himself and family members under carpets which are already bursting at the seams. Alas! 18 months down the road, Akufo-Addo has been demystified. The corruption scandals oozing out of his government today rivals those under Dos Santos, Amin, Bokassa etc. The list of the corruption scandals enriching this administration especially the President, his daughters, in-laws and other family members is mind boggling yet, this dog thinks he is yet to be hanged.

Virtually every family member in his administration has been fingered and this is not just political mudslinging as the President alleged but real and factual allegations made by people who, ordinarily, should be the first ones defending and protecting the President and his government. A few examples: The President, his nephew, junior brother and other close associates decided to renegotiate the Ameri Deal without using the prescribed procedure for such renegotiation.

It turned out that Ghana was going to pay $1.375 billion the next 18 years $75million,annually instead of $510million The next two years and own the facility permanently. This senseless, wicked thievery was vehemently condemned by Ghanaians and civil society organizations. The President who approved the deal through a letter signed by him and his executive Secretary, swiftly changed his position blaming the energy minister of misleading him. Isn’t that an impeachable move. A president issuing an executive order when he has not fully studied a proposal submitted to him by his subordinate.

The President’s excuse makes his case worse and confirms what the President’s own friends said about him prior to the 2008,2012 and 2016 election. It is obvious that a parasitic cabal is ruining his government and he’ll be doing great disservice to this country if he does not rein in them. After all, Rev Martey, the Catholic Bishops, Ken Agyepong, A- plus cannot all be wrong at the same time. His nephew’s law firm has been contracted to review all past contracts.

The Ameri contact was vehemently condemned by the President and his party in opposition. It was one of their main campaign messages and they promised they will abrogate the deal and prosecute officials who went for the deal if elected. This same President his nephew, junior brother and other close associates planned this fifteen years arrangement.

The series of scandals that have engulfed this administration are not only beginning to cast over the integrity of the President, but is confirming what Kofi Koomson and other close friends said about him. What is more, the deafening silence on some of these weighty scandals and attempts by him to shield corrupt officials in his administration is making matters worse.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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