Family Planning is Key to the Economic Empowerment of Women – Midwife

Ghanaian women have been advised to use the multiplicity of family planning mechanism to control birth as it would inure to their benefit when it comes to health, economic empowerment and raising healthy children.                                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Anastasia Owusu, a Senior Staff Midwife at the Family Planning Unit of Mamprobi Polyclinic, who gave the advise said two year intervals of giving birth is medically advised as it enable the woman’s womb to recover fully from the delicate nature and process of carrying foetus from nine months and delivery.

At a community health durbar at Shabu in the Ablekuma West constituency of the Greater Accra region, she debunked the notion that family planning leads to bleeding by women, weakness and shrink in body size and other misconception associated with family planning. She called on women who do family planning to visit health centres for regular medical review.

Mrs. Owusu opined that there are several family planning means which can be used by women which can last for one to three months including those that can span for three, five and 12 years as well as the popular men and women condoms. She said some can be injected which has a life span of one to three months while contraceptive or family planning pills can also be taken on daily basis to delay pregnancy.

Ms Bernice Okine, a nutrition officer in charge of the polyclinic also took the opportunity to educate women and nursing mothers on nutrition. She said family planning has a positive effect on child, nursing mothers and family nutrition as it enable the mother to space her birth, work and become economically empowered to address the nutritional needs of her family.

She said nutrition should be taken seriously from pregnancy stage to the time of delivery and should become the norm in homes. She made a passionate appeal to nursing mothers to breast feed their babies for six months, saying the breast milk is fortified with all the nutrients that is needed by the baby to grow and ward off all diseases during childhood.

Commenting on working nursing mothers who due to the nature of their work cannot take their babies to work and feed them with breast milk, she encouraged them to deposit them into feeding bottles and preserve them in fridge so that their babies can be adequately fed when they are away, revealing that breast milk can be preserved for six to eight hours under room temperature.

Ms Okine said babies who are breast fed grow to become healthy and intelligent children. She also encouraged parents and guardians to immunize their children against measles “2”, meningitis “A” and yellow fever and take pre-natal and post-natal medical examination seriously.

Pastor Chris Sarpong, the Director of Recreation Home Foundation in his delivery said a health child create a healthy home calling on the parents and guardians immunize the children and ward against the 13 childhood killer diseases.

Nii Adotei Mampon II, the chief of Mangouse  urged parents to practice and promote cleanness, stressing that the never ending littering of the city of Accra and other suburb and the associated chocking of gutters as well as the breeding of mosquito that lead to malaria is a source of concern and should be address by all Ghanaians.

In attendance were Nii Myers, the Executive Secretary of the Ga Paramount Stool, Naa Aba Kwanor I, the queen mother of Dansoman, Naa Kailey II, the Mangouse Manye, Naa Ablade, the Sempe New Town Manye, community health nurse workers, opinion leaders, imams and assemblyman drawn from Ablekuma sub metro in the Greater Accra region.

Source: Adovor Nutifafa                                                                                                                                            

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